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Unbothered Ukrainian Man Removes Mine from Yard While Smoking

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A Twitter video caught an unbothered Ukrainian man removing a mine while smoking a cigarette.

War is hell, and drastic times call for extreme measures. Instead of waiting for the bomb disposal units, this man just carried the landmine away from a bridge with his bare hands. The video, seen by millions, lasts 38 seconds.

All the while, the Sunday video catches the man puffing away at his cigarette during the heroic act. The New York Post reported on The New Voice of Ukraine’s video.

There was no boom at the end of the clip, so presumably, the man survived.

At the same time, there’s no context for the video. The Twitter account said the man was removing the mine after discovering some houses. We don’t see a bridge or know if it helped the Ukrainian military.

Berdyansk, a port town, is an 11-hour drive southeast of the capital city Kyiv.

Man Laughs At Death, Removes Land Mine

The man, wearing a black puffer jacket, jeans, and dark trainers, talks to the videographer. 

The Daily Mail said the unidentified man made his cameraman laugh as he continued to hoist the land mine across the street.

The “unofficial” bomb tech walked down an embankment and into the woods to take the explosive device away from traffic and humans.

According to Relief Web, the country ranks fifth in the world for civilian deaths due to landmines and enhanced radiation weapons (ERW). In April, the agency added that 55 civilians got injured from mine explosions in 2020, while 15 died from mines or ERW. Some say the areas east of Ukraine are some of the most mine-ridden places globally.

Social Media Loves Man’s Bravery

Some called the man a “badass” for his bravery. One Twitter user mocked Americans, contrasting heroic Ukrainian men with Americans, saying they “are picking up cigarettes and joining truck convoys because masks are really annoying.”

Twitter users identified the explosive device as a TM-62 landmine reportedly planted under a nearby bridge by Russian forces. The device contains 17 pounds of explosives which can cripple a 51-ton tank.

The video also comes after a Ukrainian man tried to block a Russian military convoy by stepping in front of a speeding truck. The New York Post also reported on that act.

Texas Rep. Gene Wu weighed in on the video. The Houston Democrat told Russia to go home, saying, “you cannot defeat these people.”

“This is why the Ukrainians will win: Ukrainian see anti-tank mine,” Wu tweeted. “Ukrainian picks up anti-tank mine. Ukrainian moves anti-tank mine barehanded. Ukrainian does it while smoking.”