Ukrainian Dentist Remaining in Country to Help Fleeing Refugees Find Host Families

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP) (Photo by DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP via Getty Images)

As millions of families are desperately trying to evacuate the country as tensions rise, A Ukrainian dentist is using his European connections to help connect refugees with host families outside the borders.

At a Glance

  • Millions of Ukrainian refugees are looking for temporary homes outside of the war zone, but most have nowhere to go.
  • Nazariy Mykhaylyuk is using his extensive dentistry network to find Europeans willing to host families.
  • Most families were willing to help as soon as they invasion began.
  • The dentist will work from a Western Ukraine hotel instead of evacuating himself.

Ukrainian Refugees Finding Shelter Thanks to a Dentists European Connections

When Nazariy Mykhaylyuk heard the first missile touch down in Kyiv on February 24th, he immediately packed his family and a few belongings in his car and fled to a smaller town outside of the shellings.

From there, he decided to wait out the war as millions of others attempted to leave the country. But shortly after the invasion began, something interesting happened.

Mykhaylyuk is a worldwide known dentist. And through his work, he’s spent the last decade traveling to over 60 countries as an industry speaker. While doing so, he’s made many connections with well-to-do people. And many of those people wanted to help Ukrainian civilians.

So, they began to call Mykhaylyuk to ask what they could do. And the dentist suggested that they open their homes to refugees, which they gladly did.

“This is how we’ve put them in contact with refugee families,” Mykhaylyuk told Fox News. “For example, like today, I received a phone call from Spain where more than 30 families are ready to accept the refugees right in their houses.”

In just over two weeks, two million refugees have fled the Russian invasion. And because there have been 1,509 confirmed civilian casualties, more are seeking safe places for their families.

“As you know, many people are leaving Ukraine, especially women and kids,” he continued. “And they don’t have any place to go.”

The Dentist is Living in a Hotel as He Works to Get Families to Safety

Mykhaylyuk, who is staying at a hotel in the Western part of the country, has noticed that most people have nothing but their lives and a suitcase. And they have no idea where to turn. Because even if they get out of the country, there’s no place for them to go.

“That’s why they don’t have any support when they go to Europe,” he continued. “No one is waiting for them.

So the dentist is staying behind to help direct the millions of displaced families who need guidance and hope.

“For us, we don’t see any other way,” Mykhaylyuk said. “The only way is actually to help these people because they are in more critical condition than we are.”

The dentist is also truly touched by countless others who have been willing to risk their lives and freedom to help their fellow Ukrainians. And he’s grateful for all the people outside of the borders who are willing to offer endless resources to those in need.

“Our nation, we are always ready to support each other. I’m doing what I can in my specific position,” he continued. “I’m positively surprised that so many people were ready to help us with everything they can.”