Ukrainian Girl Who Went Viral for Singing ‘Let It Go’ From Frozen in Bomb Shelter Sings National Anthem for Stadium in Poland

by Anna Dunn
Ukrainian national flag is seen in the window of Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, as demonstration of solidarity with Ukraine after Russian invasion. Krakow, Poland on March 10, 2022. (Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A Ukrainian girl who went viral for singing Let it Go from Disney’s Frozen in a bomb shelter just sang Ukraine’s National Anthem in a polish stadium.

At a Glance

  • The young girl is 7 year old Amelia.
  • Amelia escaped Ukraine following the Russian invasion with her grandmother and siblings.
  • She sang the Ukrainian Anthem during a Together For Ukraine concert in Poland.
  • The Russia Invasion in Ukraine continues, leaving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians stranded.

The Young Ukrainian Girl, Amelia, Went Viral For Singing ‘Let it Go’ During The Russian Invasion

The young girl, Amelia, first went viral a couple of weeks ago as she sang Let it Go to a crowd in a bomb shelter. And the video, a testament to the resilience of those forced out of their homes, shows Amelia bringing at least a momentary comfort to the crowd in an impossibly dark moment.

Additionally, Idina Menzel, who was the original voice on the soundtrack, responded to the video, writing, “We see you. We really, really see you.”

At the time the video was posted, Amelia was with her grandmother and siblings trying to make it to Poland. Now, Amelia, her grandmother, and her siblings are safely out of Ukraine. This weekend, the little seven-year-old, sang the anthem, Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy during a televised Together for Ukraine concert. She adorned a traditional dress.

Amelia is just one of the over 10 million Ukrainians who have been forced out of their homes during the Russian invasion. Russia continues to bomb city centers, including places sheltering civilians.

Here’s the Latest on The Russian Invasion

Ukraine rejected a demand from Russia to lay down arms in Mariupol by Monday morning. Additionally, Russia bombed a shopping mall in Kyiv, reducing the structure to rubble. It appears there were people inside. According to The New York Times, the war has begun to show signs of a stalemate.

Russia has begun to use harsher tactics, including targeting civilians. Hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in Mariupol with very little or without any food, water, and power. Multiple efforts to get them out of the city have been met with resistance.

Meanwhile, Olena Zelenska, wife of president Zelenskyy, told Ukraine’s trapped people to “hold on” in a recent statement.

“The enemy desperately does not want civilians to break through. But they will. Please hold on, dear people, I beg you. I will repeat my husband’s words, ‘Ukraine doesn’t abandon her people.’”

And after four days of unsuccessful negotiation, President Zelenskyy has called for new peace talks with Russia as the devastation continues. But as of now, it appears Russia is escalating its tactics.