Ukrainian Man Shoots Down Russian Jet With a Rifle, Gets Medal for ‘Heroism’

by Megan Molseed

A Ukrainian senior citizen received a medal of heroism after shooting down a Russian Su-34 jet with his rifle. The man, Valeriy Fedorovych allegedly fired at the Russian jet as it was flying over the Ukrainian town of Chernihiv. Fedorovych then set out to collect debris from the exploded machine, keeping the recovered pieces in his garage.

The State Border Service Honors Valeriy Fedorovych For His “Protection Of The State Border”

Footage circulating after the incident depicts the jet as it spirals down to Earth after Valeriy Fedorovych opened fire on the enemy aircraft. However, the State Border Service is now honoring Fedorovych for his brave actions. He is being hailed for the heroism that he displayed for the Ukrainian people and awarded with a medal. As part of the honor, the State Border Service says Valeriy Fedorovych’s “assistance in the protection of the state border,” was heroic.

Footage shared by the State Border Service details Fedorovych as he walks through the city with the rifle he used to take down the jet slung over his shoulder. As he walks, we see that the city is still suffering from the many Russian bombings that have been going on for much of the year.

The Russian Jet Was Spiraling Down To The Ground After Entering The Airspace Above The Ukrainian Town Of Chernihiv

The Russian jet, a Su-34 has long been sold as the “world-beating” jet costing a whopping £74 million to build. This translates to over $85 million in US dollars. The jets are said to be one of the best modern fighting planes in the world. The planes are known for their uber maneuverability possibilities. They are also well known for supersonic speed. However, it is no match for a dedicated Ukrainian set on defending his country.

Footage from the moment the Su-34 was hit shows the Russian jet as it careens down towards the ground onto the streets of Chernihiv. Fedorovych later set out to collect some of the debris from the crash after taking down the Russian Su-34. Additionally, the Ukrainian man brought these pieces back to his home, keeping them in his garage.

Fedorovych Describes Climbing Onto His Roof To Take Out The Russian Jet As It Reigned Bombs On His City

During his discussion with the State Border Guard Service, Valeriy Fedorovych recalls climbing onto the roof of his home with his rifle. Set on firing towards the Russian jet that was bombing Chernihiv.

“I went ‘bang’ with my rifle,” the Ukrainian man continues of the moment.

“And it was like ‘bang.,'” he continues. “And the Russian Su-34 jet fell.”