Unique McDonald’s Has Float-Thru Window for ‘McBoats’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The world’s only float-thru McDonald’s for “McBoats” is on the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany.

The world’s most popular fast-food restaurant chain has 39,198 worldwide locations, according to the website Statista. Of course, the chain’s home country has the most. 

But if you want to get to this “McBoats” one, The New York Post reports you have to get a kayak and a paddle. Could you see Americans doing this? It’s possible, but the idea of exercising to get to your McDouble seems like a bit of work.

‘McBoat’ Location Unique

There are 1,478 McDonald’s locations, but Hamburg can boast the only one that has service to a river canal. 

Though it’s been open since 2015, YouTuber Tom Scott recorded his recent visit. His two-minute video clip has amassed almost two million views since Oct. 11.

He delves into what makes the McDonald’s experience extraordinary. It’s the same quality food with the same experience throughout the world, right? 

Scott got to the basics when surveying the restaurant and its canoe-thru method. There’s no queue of kayaks, and the app replaced the old-timey microphone and speaker. Manager Adrian Dudziak said the location is open 24 hours, 7-days a week during the spring and summer. No fall or winter months for these folks. 

People come all over the world to visit, thanks to social media. 

“People are so happy to see this because they read this or saw this on Instagram,” Dudziak noted.

Despite being next to the water, this McBoat also operates somewhat differently than most McDonald’s. 

Dudziak said employees see the customer order and make the food. Then one person walks down to the dock to give you the food. 

Scott, whose 4.4 million-subscriber channel focuses on “Amazing Places,” says that the McBoat was worth profiling because it is different and predictable.

German McDonalds vs. American McDonalds

McDonald’s keeps a good bit of familiar items on its menu.

But can you get a beer with your Big Mac in the U.S. like in Germany? Nope. Sorry. Here you’ll just have to cross six lanes of traffic to get your beer at the gas station. Or drive there.

German McDonald’s locations feature some remarkable differences, besides the beer.

Last year, the website Mashed reported that customers could order a signature Surf n’ Turf burger (which features breaded shrimp, avocado cream, and bacon).

Like avocado? There’s a signature Salsa Avocado Burger with the same avocado cream along with spicy jalapeños and salsa for anyone craving some Tex-Mex flavors. 

Thirdly, if you want beef with a bit more beef, there’s the McDouble Chili Cheeseburger. This burger is two burger patties topped with a big ol’ helping of meaty chili cheese sauce.

There’s one final burger that’ll mess up you Midwesterners. The Big Vegan Burger. Yeah, Burger King is ahead of the curve here with its Impossible burger. But this vegan burger has a meaty taste without the animal products. The vegan burger comes with salad, tomatoes, pickles, and fresh red onion.

Yummy, huh? Hopefully, this burger doesn’t invade your nightmares like that fictional movie character Freddy Krueger does.