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Unwelcome Bear Shows Up in Florida Neighborhood, Eats Residents Avocados

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: mlorenzphotography

A Florida homeowner has a bone to pick with a black bear. According to reports, a black bear came into a Davenport, Florida, neighborhood to look for food.

Per reports from homeowner Lynn Wracan, someone caught the bear wandering around the Thousand Oaks community. However, the bear seemed quite comfortable in the neighborhood, as people had seen it for months.

In a clip from Wracan, viewers can see the bear hanging out by a tree in the morning. “No freaking way,” viewers can hear Wracan saying in the video.

In the first part of the video, it looks as if the bear is interested in the nearby Christmas lights. However, that quickly proves not to be the case. Instead, the bear appears much more interested in the nearby avocado trees.

“No, he’s eating our avocados!” she exclaims. “No, that’s not a good idea, pumpkin. Oh, you’re gonna take a nap now? Seriously?” As Wracan describes, the animal has been eating the fruit from the neighborhood trees since it started poking around.

Although she’s contacted wildlife authorities multiple times, it seems the problem is here to stay. The authorities reportedly told her they couldn’t remove the animal. Now, Wracan is hoping he’ll go into hibernation soon as it gets colder.

“Wildlife said we wouldn’t see him in December, and he is here to gather as many calories as he can,” she said.

Despite this, the bear is still hanging out in the neighborhood.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, black bears are usually shy creatures and don’t typically attack people. However, they can do some serious damage if they feel threatened.

Because of this, the FWC urges people to give them their space. They also advise people to stay calm and avoid contact. If you encounter one of these animals, move backward slowly while giving the bear its necessary space. However, if they decide to come at you, hold your ground.

Canadian woman who intentionally led bears to her home appeals fine

In addition, wildlife officials urge people never to run, play dead, or attempt to climb a tree. If you find yourself getting attacked, fight back. as hard as you can.

Meanwhile, a British Colombian woman, who was initially fined $60,000 for intentionally feeding black bears, has successfully appealed the fine.

On Dec. 1, a judge ordered Zuzana Stevikova to pay a reduced fine of $10,500 for her actions. However, the province’s Supreme Court found the judge who initially ruled on the case wrong for imposing such a hefty fine.

The case against Stevikova goes back to 2018, when wildlife officials received an anonymous complaint that someone had been feeding bears on a property “for a considerable amount of time.”