Up to 15 Brand New Mustangs Stolen From Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant

by Jonathan Howard

In a heist that sounds like something out of a movie, up to 15 brand new Ford Mustangs were stolen from a Michigan assembly plant. This news is surprisingly not the first time that this has happened. However, this is by far the largest theft in number of quantity at the plant.

While the Ford Mustang cars were parked across the street in an auxiliary parking lot, people came in and stole them. The thieves came in the middle of the night, about 2 a.m on Tuesday. Now, officials and law enforcement are not sure exactly how it went down. It sounds like a large group went into the lot together and came out each driving away with a car.

The Flat Rock plant is responsible for making Ford Mustang cars as wel as the Lincoln Continental. In Wayne County, Michigan, which contains the Detroit Metro Area, this isn’t an isolated event. There was another theft across the metro in Warren.

At the Warren incident, there were able to steal five or six Jeep SUVs including very expensive Wagoneers. Two vehicles were priced at $100k a piece in that theft.

“It’s not an isolated incident. I’m sure these teams have been arranged, probably have a decent leader ship, they know what they’re [doing] where they’re going, they know where the easier targets are,” Woodhave Deputy Jeffrey Brust said.

Ford Mustang GT 500s Stolen Last Year From Same Plant

As for the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, it seems they have a security issue on their hands. This was not the first time that the plant had been targeted and not the first time that Ford Mustang vehicles were stolen. It was just last year when some very pricey Mustang GT 500s were taken from the plant. It was a wild incident.

Just to get out of the assembly plant one of the thieves crashed through a security gate. I’m not sure whoever they are selling to would appreciate that, but it seems to have been a bad idea anyway. Two of the vehicles were recovered after the incident.

Although some of these vehicles have been found after they were stolen, in all of these cases, it had not been possible to recover all of the videos. Even so, there has not been any arrests made, at least none were mentioned by police or FOX 2 Detroit. So, this could go on for a while. Who knows where the next theft might occur.