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UPS Tractor-Trailer Hijacked, Thieves Steal Hundreds of Packages

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

Armed hijackers ambushed a UPS driver and stole packages from his 18-wheeler tractor-trailer after tying him up.

Around 9:15 a.m. Atlanta police responded to the area of Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway NW and Bankhead Court NW about a kidnapping report. The officers soon found the stolen truck’s driver who was luckily unharmed, according to Daily Mail.

An investigation into the incident revealed the theft took place shortly after the driver left the UPS facility. The heist occurred around 3:30 a.m. when the truck stopped at a traffic light. While there, an armed man appeared out of nowhere and jumped into the cab. He pointed a gun at the driver’s head and forced him to drive down a dirt road to an abandoned lot.

Once there, several of the robber’s accomplices tied the UPS driver’s hands up with zip-ties while stealing roughly a quarter of the truck’s packages. WSB-TV stated the robbers transferred the UPS truck’s contents into their own nearby truck.

After pilfering the truck’s contents, the thieves left the driver in the back of his vehicle. It wasn’t until six hours later UPS used its GPS to track the missing driver.

Jarius Daughtery, an Atlanta police spokesperson, told 11Alive the driver did the right thing when confronted by his kidnappers. “Our recommendation in a situation like this is to comply. There’s no amount of property out there worth possibly having your life taken.”

Police report they are viewing surveillance footage to attempt to identify the robbers.

The Latest News on UPS

In other news about UPS, a UPS driver recently found and delivered a neighbor’s lost dog back to her.

Back on Cyber Monday, Darrell Slack had his hands busy with Christmas packages when a neighbor alerted him about her lost dog. “She told me, ‘Our dog’s gone’ and that he had escaped the front porch,” Slack, a 29-year UPS worker told FOX 10.

“I just told her, ‘We’ll find him.’” Paula Odom told Slack her dog Pete was a “runner” and managed to escape.

Slack agreed to keep a lookout during his deliveries and even kept dog biscuits in his UPS truck, just in case. When he reached a remote area nearby, he saw Pete near the woods. Calling his name and luring him to the truck with dog biscuits, Slack secured the pup and delivered him back to Odom safe and sound.