U.S. to Accept 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees, Impose More Sanctions on Russia

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

According to the latest White House briefing, the U.S. will accept 100,000 refugees from Ukraine currently seeking asylum from the Russian war. The U.S. will also provide another $1 billion in new humanitarian aid, the White House said Thursday. Congress recently earmarked $14 billion in aid for Ukraine in the latest spending bill, USA Today reports.

At a glance

  • The White House announced plans to accept thousands of refugees from Ukraine as part of expanded asylum programs
  • President Biden also pledged an additional $1 billion in humanitarian aid, bringing the running total to $15 billion
  • Ukraine President Zelenskyy asked NATO for weapons in the alliance’s latest summit

The new funding will help supply food, shelter, clean water, and medicine to civilians in Ukraine. Many refugees fleeing Ukraine headed west to meet family or friends in other European countries, but many want to reunite with family in the U.S., as well. The Biden administration said it is working on expanding programs that specifically cater to Ukrainians with families in America.

The additional funding comes as Western leaders like Biden reaffirm their support for NATO and its alliance members. NATO recently reiterated that the organization is determined “to hold Russia accountable for its brutal war.”

“We had the privilege of hearing directly from President (Volodymyr) Zelenskyy; and we will continue to support him and his government with significant, and increasing, amounts of security assistance to fight Russian aggression and uphold their right to self-defense,” Biden said in a statement. The President recently attended a NATO emergency summit in Brussels, Belgium.

In addition to accepting refugees from Ukraine, the U.S. may soon provide military technology

Biden also said that American allies “are committed to identifying additional equipment, including air defense systems, to help Ukraine.” Officials at the summit also discussed NATO’s defense strategies, especially on the Eastern flank, per reports.

Four new battle groups in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary have also been established. NATO said it will “defend and protect every inch of NATO territory” with these such armaments.

Alliance members and other major global entities continue to inflict financial sanctions upon Russia, as well. The Group of Seven leaders recently announced plans to restrict the Russian Central Bank’s use of gold in transactions. The U.S. also announced a new round of sanctions targeting specific Russian infrastructural centers, like defense companies, private Russian banking, and Russian members of state.

During the NATO summit, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy begged for direct military assistance in the form of “one percent of your tanks, and one percent of your planes.”

“When we will have all this, it will give us, just like you, 100 percent security,” he said.

The President of Ukraine also called on citizens of the U.S. and abroad to gather together to support the country’s refugees.

“Come to your squares, your streets. Make yourselves visible and heard,” Zelenskyy said in a quick video filmed in the dark. “Say that people matter. Freedom matters. Peace matters. Ukraine matters.”