U.S. Air Force Veteran Crafts and Sells Walking Sticks from Roadside Stand in Ohio

by Clayton Edwards

Fox News shared a post connected with their “America Together campaign shows a retired United States Air Force colonel who is carving and selling walking sticks. He sells the hand-carved canes at a roadside stand. The caption of the post explains that the man’s name is John Hobson and he is 93 years old. He carves and sells the walking sticks to stay active and give back to his community.

Hobson Sells Walking Sticks for a Good Cause

Hobson donates the money he earns from his hand-crafted walking sticks to a local food bank. This man’s work ethic and charitable heart are nothing short of inspiring.

The photo shows Hobson standing at his roadside stand with several walking sticks of varying sizes. The sign in front of him says that he’s asking for three dollars or a donation for each stick. As far as hand-carved items go, that’s a hard price to pass up. Knowing that the money is going to a good cause makes the price seem even better.

Fox News’ America Together Campaign

Colonel Hobson’s story is just one of many shared by Fox News as part of America Together. The reason behind this campaign is to highlight the things that Americans are doing to spread joy in these hard times.

Visiting the America Together page on Fox News’ website is an uplifting experience. The page is full of links to stories that are both heartwarming and inspiring. People from all around the country are sharing their images and stories with the media outlet. This not only brightens the days of the site’s readers but also helps to shed light on exemplary citizens such as Colonel Hobson.

We could all use a little togetherness and some good news as this year comes to a close. It’s nice to see such a large media outlet reaching out and showing the best that America has to offer.