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U.S. Army Extends Deployment of 4,000 Troops in Europe

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images)

Several long days have passed since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. Despite major discrepancies in the warring nation’s militaries, armed resistance groups have aided in slowing the Eastern nation’s advance. Now though, medicine and food have rapidly begun to dwindle. That, combined with pressure from UN representatives, saw the United States military extend the deployment of 4,000+ troops to Europe.

As per The Daily Mail, European Army spokesman John Tomassi made the announcement Sunday. However, he declined to “speculate on a timeline” regarding the American troops’ occupancy in Europe. “[B]e assured it will only be for as long as [the troops] are needed.”

Tomassi’s announcement follows President Biden‘s earlier declaration that America will not become involved with the Russian/Ukrainian conflict. However, he did insist, should Putin’s forces threaten any NATO participants, Russia will see “the full force of American Power.”

The move comes as a result of the nation’s effort to “instill confidence” among the U.S.’s NATO allies amid the European conflict. The troops, previously scheduled to return home in March, will continue their training and deterrence missions alongside international troops. These include armed forces from Poland, Romania, and the Baltic states.

Now, as the situation intensifies, Ukraine has not only armed civilian citizens willing to defend their nation. The outlet reports officials have released prisoners with military experience willing to fight while also training combatants to make firebombs.

Ukraine’s Civilians Under Threat Amid Conflict in Europe

While Ukraine sees support from international populations, the European nation has largely been left to defend itself amid Russia’s invasion. And although the U.S. and neighboring countries continue training missions and humanitarian aid, Ukrainian civilians have seen some of the worst of the raging conflict.

The news outlet reports that Russia’s invasion has seen increased success in the Southern region of Ukraine. Invading forces reportedly took a small Ukrainian town on Sunday night. Their advance came after they’d amassed a naval invasion off of the Crimean peninsula near the European nation’s port city, Berdyanks, home to 100,000 people.

Back in Kyiv, civilians face an imminent threat as Russia’s military tightens its hold around the nation’s capital. As civilians and the military unite in Kyiv’s streets to deter the enemy, the city’s mayor shared doubts regarding further evacuation of Ukrainian citizens.

Instead, civilians must take shelter in minimally safer locations across the city. Those remaining in their homes keep lights dimmed so as not to draw Russian attention. Meanwhile, other citizens have fled to Kyiv’s underground garages and subways to better avoid the fight.

Elsewhere, the outlet reports that in another port city, a 6-year-old girl became mortally wounded amid Russian shelling.

Simultaneously, 87-year-old Faina Bystritska expressed the utmost dismay as the war waged on. The Jewish survivor of WWII said, “I wish I had never lived to see this,” detailing the incessant ringing of air-raid sirens across the city.