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US Forest Police Dog Stabbed for the Second Time on Duty, Survives

by Jacklyn Krol
Police Dog Stabbed For Second Time Survives
Marisa Teruel, Unsplash

A United States Forest police dog survived after a stabbing attack. Additionally, this is his second time surviving a stabbing attack.

Meet the Police Dog

The 11-year-old dog was in Northern California at a marijuana raid on August 27. Authorities found over 5,500 marijuana plants, according to NBC News.

Ice was stabbed nine times by a fleeing perpetrator. Ice is a Belgian Malinois and was wearing a vest at the time of the attack.

The team was in Oregon at the Klamath National Forest when the attack occurred. His handler, Christopher Magallon commanded Ice to catch a suspect that was fleeing.

Ice even Magllon immediately administered first aid to his K-9 until help arrived. The team flew Ice over 70 miles to the Veterinary Specialty Center in Medford, Oregon. Ice was released from the hospital hours later. Federal prosecutors are currently considering charges.

Forest Services’ North Zone patrol commander, Cody Wheeler spoke with the outlet. He confirmed that no major areas were struck in the attack. “Ice will quickly recover and return to service until his expected retirement at the end of this month.”

Four years ago Ice had his first injury from a suspect. He was stabbed multiple times while still holding onto the subject. Furthermore, he received the 2016 Law Enforcement and Investigations Director’s Award for Valor and Heroism. American Humane Hero Dogs awarded him the “Top Dog” award in 2017.

Dog Training

Police dogs undergo rigorous training to become an officer. The puppies may go through a variety of temperament tests. and go through a variety of tests. They first undergo obedience training.

Secondly, the dogs undergo endurance and agility training. The dogs have to be comfortable with climbing stairs, jumping on walls, different terrains, and other tasks that may frighten the typical pooch.

If the dog passes the general training, they move on to training in a specific area. Some of the specialties include drug-sniffing, bomb-sniffing, search and rescue, or gun search. The dogs still have a typical life and have downtime with their handler. The K-9 lives with their office handler and are together almost 24/7.