U.S. Freedom Convoy Organizers Announce Change of Plans After Small Turnout in Vegas

by Liz Holland

Organizers for the U.S. “Freedom Convoy” quickly changed plans when only five trucks arrived at the event. A group of truckers left California on Friday to head towards Washington, D.C. to protest COVID mandates. Organizers revealed that when they made their first stop in Las Vegas, the turnout was quite small. After seeing the low attendance, they decided to call off what was supposed to be a ten-day event. 

Organizers of “Freedom Convoy USA 2022” expected “1,000 to 2,000” truckers to join their convoy. The group’s views aligned with the trucker protests in Canada over the past month. When only a handful of participants showed up, the now-disbanded group encouraged truckers to join other, larger anti-mandate groups that are already headed for the capital. 

Many of the mandates that are being protested have been lifted. While many are still protesting, this certainly played a role in the group canceling their planned rallies along the route to D.C. 

“Important update! The launch in California had a good turnout of supporters, but only 5 trucks were with us on arrival in Vegas,” the group wrote on Facebook.

The group had plans to travel through Salt Lake City, Denver, and Kansas City. However, they quickly scrapped their plans after the Vegas event.

‘To prevent another rally without our truckers… Our team will not be moving thru Salt Lake City and Denver,’ organizers wrote on social media Saturday morning.

Freedom Convoy Organizers Direct Supporters to Join Larger Groups

Organizers told truckers to join the much larger “People’s Convoy.”

This group of over 100 truckers has garnered almost $1 million in donations and also left California the same day. Additionally, “Freedom Convoy” organizers also encouraged truckers to join “The Texas Convoy,” another group with a more hefty following. 

“There are 2 other convoys that have massive turnouts, and are in progress to the DC area as we speak. They are The People’s Convoy (which was the first convoy to launch out of Cali.)” The post revealed that the group in question was in New Mexico at the time of writing. “…And the Texas Convoy which departs soon,” organziers added on social media. 

“We are making the decision to send any truckers planned to meet at our routes to start heading to DC for the event on the National Mall, or to join the convoys named above as they are about to merge into one,” the Facebook post continued.

 “We have raised $6,500 that will be dispersed to these truckers when they arrive to Maryland and DC.” The post directed anyone with questions or who wanted their money back to reach out to organizers via an email address. 

“Kyle Sefcik is tirelessly working with DC authorities to coordinate the National Mall Gathering which begins March 1st. We will be posting updates on the major convoys that are uniting as they travel across the country.”