US Marines Pictured Entertaining Children Waiting at Kabul Airport in Moving Moments

by Amy Myers

In the midst of the crisis in Afghanistan, US Marines are providing a bit of cheer and optimism to children at the Kabul airport. It might not seem like much–a high five here, a smile there. But to these children trying to escape danger, these small gestures help them have the courage to face a new life in a new country. And these servicemen and women are more than happy to help bring a little light into the young refugees’ lives.

Fox News recently released photos of troops guarding the refugees at the airport as they waited to board the aircraft. From how these brave men and women engaged with Afghans, it’s clear that they truly care for and want to protect their safety and wellbeing. The news source posted several of the developments on Instagram, focusing particularly on how the US Marines interacted with the younger passengers.

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US Marines Usher Afghanistan Refugees onto Aircraft, Americans Willingly Receive Them

In almost all of the photos, the children and US Marines have ear-to-ear grins on their faces. From sharing helmets to simply walking hand-in-hand, the snapshots shine a little bit of hope on an otherwise devastating situation. And, according to a recent poll, back in the States, folks are just as happy to see them arrive.

Since the end of July, the US has evacuated more than 22,000 Afghan citizens. In an interview with ABC News, the president estimated that 50,000-65,000 Afghans will enter the United States. To date, more than 88,000 refugees have applied for a special immigration visa. Before coming to the US, Afghan citizens will undergo a screening process in third-party countries like Qatar and Kuwait. However, the President plans on utilizing several bases in the States for screening purposes as well.

Rarely do the two sides of the political spectrum in the U.S. agree on a subject, but in the case of resettling Afghan refugees, the response was almost unanimous. CBS News and YouGov conducted a poll that asked 2,142 Americans from varying demographics their opinions on the withdrawal. Eighty-one percent of respondents agreed that the US should help Afghans who aided troops seek asylum. According to the results, 90% of responding Democrats, 76% of Republicans and 79% of independents believed that the refugees should come to the States.

Another question asked if President Joe Biden was doing the right amount, too much, or not enough to help Afghanistan citizens. The majority, 59%, answered that he was not doing enough. Similarly, 44% believed that the US handled the withdrawal of troops “very badly.”

Despite the feedback on the president and the US’s performance, 60% of respondents placed most of the blame for Afghanistan’s current state on the country’s own government and military.