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U.S. Marines Post Photo of Flag-Draped Transfer Cases in Aircraft

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Minto/U.S. Air Force via Getty Images)

During evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, Americans saw the loss of 13 young soldiers. The majority were marines, and they lost their lives after a bomb was dropped on a Kabul airport. Yesterday, the United States Marine Corps shared a heartbreaking photo of the soldiers’ flag-draped transfer cases aboard a military aircraft.

The tweet shared the photo of the deceased marines’ cases as they occupied a C-17 Globemaster II. The photo captured the transfer cases prior to their relocation at Dover Airforce Base, Delaware. Additionally, the Corps. wrote the 13 young soldiers died during non-combat operations. “Gone, but never forgotten,” read the conclusion of the tweet.

Americans Mourned the Marines’ Deaths on Social Media

Americans expressed both their grief and gratitude for the 13 fallen soldiers and marines beneath the USMC’s post. While some shared their heartbreak, others criticized and chastised President Joe Biden for his initial decision surrounding ongoing Afghanistan activities.

One Twitter user, @bourbonoperator wrote, “Heroes never die. 🇺🇸 Thank you for giving all.”

Another comment read, “As a MoM, this breaks my heart. Prayers sent and candles lit. Semper Fi.”

Others expressed concern that only 11 transfer cases occupied the aircraft. However, all 13 soldiers’ remains returned to U.S. soil. According to news outlets, 11 of the 13 soldiers killed in action were marines. The remaining two were a Navy Corpsman and an Army soldier.

And, among shared prayers, remembrances, and gratitude, other Americans shared their dismay in the U.S. president. They lay blame for the young Americans’ deaths at his feet. Many comments expressed contempt for the “non-combat” designation. They argued that the 13 young marines and soldiers died in an active war zone hosting a dangerous enemy.

America’s Celebrities Express Contempt Following the Deaths of 13 Soldiers

Alongside American citizens, celebrities have taken to social media to express contempt for the U.S. government’s decisions surrounding Afghanistan evacuations. Among them was icon Tim Allen. As reports continued surrounding the marines’ and soldiers’ deaths, he shared his thoughts and emotions on social media.

“Darkness fills my head and heart at the loss of our Marines,” Allen began. “All of us [are] adrift in the wake of ignorant leadership and catastrophic lack [of] planning. Deep prayers to all the families that lost so much and to all those struggling to leave.”

His most recent post, overall, captures his sadness for those lost during non-combative procedures. However, his earlier posts prove that the ongoing situation has affected him on several levels. He previously expressed dismay at the policies that led to our country’s “shameful exit” from the Afghan nation.

Additionally, Kid Rock expressed his thoughts surrounding the deaths of the 13 American marines and soldiers. Following the bombing of the Kabul airport and the military members’ deaths, he wrote on social media, “God bless our military, especially those who lost their lives today in Afghanistan…My heart bleeds for them and their loved ones.”