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U.S. Governors Order State-Run Liquor Stores to Stop Selling Russian Vodka

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Sergei BobylevTASS via Getty Images)

In a potential effort to cripple Russia’s already strained economy, but mostly show its support of the Ukrainian people, United States governors have ordered state-run liquor stores to halt the sale of Russian-made vodka and other spirits.

According to the New York Post, the cap on Russian liquor sales originated in some of the U.S.’s Eastern states. Several include New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. However, Utah is the latest state to join the symbolic show of support. Governor Spencer Cox ordered the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to remove all Russian produced and branded products from shelves on Saturday. UT joined the Eastern states’ show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people on Saturday.

Cox stated, “We will do our part to push back on the Russian invaders and stand with our sisters and brothers in Ukraine.”

The well-intentioned move speaks to American empathy regarding the Ukrainians’ situation. However, the outlet reports the states’ boycott is unlikely to have a tangible effect on the Russian liquor trade. Only 1.2% of the nation’s vodka imports come from Russia. Further, many Russian-centric brands actually see production right here in the United States. Popular examples include Smirnoff and Stolichnaya.

Meanwhile, Russian alcoholic beverage companies have shared their support for the Ukrainians. Popular Latvia-based Stoli Group, which produces the Stolichnaya brand, expressed their empathy for the European nation. Their website’s homepage now features a dove in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

As per the outlet, the message beneath reads, “Stoli Group stands for peace in Europe and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”

Some Canadian provinces have also followed the U.S. states’ lead. Regions including Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia have since invoked similar boycotts.

UPS, FedEx Temporarily Halt Shipments to Russia & Ukraine

As expected, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already begun to have far-reaching effects. The latest have taken a toll on vodka and shipment deliveries.

While the two nations wage their war, UPS and FedEx made announcements regarding the temporary interruption to the nations’ shipments.

Specifically, UPS has halted services to, from, and within Ukraine, which will heavily impact collection and delivery. The shipping company also suspended all international shipments destined for Russia. However, the company insisted packages already in transit that have not reached their intended destination will be sent back to the sender upon the earliest possible opportunity.

Additionally, FedEx suspended shipments to and from Ukraine as well, though it didn’t specify the shipment situation within Russia itself. Further, the shipping company announced the suspension of its moneyback guarantee program for FedEx Express shipments, with UPS following suit broadly. The latter company said the guarantee does not apply “when service is affected by circumstances outside of [UPS’s] control.”

Despite the interruption, as well as the potential loss of funds, the two companies made the decision based on the safety of their employees.