U.S. Space Force Debuts Official Song, Social Media Sounds Off

by Taylor Cunningham

After years of hard work, the U.S. Space Force has finally debuted its official song. But unfortunately, it wasn’t met with the praise that USSF was expecting.

The country’s newest military branch released the tune, Semper Supra, on Sept. 20 during the Space and Cyber Conference in Maryland. Shortly after, the USSF posted the 41-second song on Instagram.

Within a few hours, the post amassed hundreds of reviews, mostly negative.

“Sounds a little like the music from Wall-E. Also, kinda kitschy and 1940-ish,” one person wrote after another person asked if the post was “an SNL skit.”

“Wtf is this? Might as well use the #StarWars theme song! What a joke!” added another follower. And several people used the comments to liken the U.S. Space Force song to Buzz Lightyear’s “theme song.”

The U.S. Space Force Song was Nearly Three Years in the Making

Unfortunately, two service members spent nearly three years penning the U.S. Space Force song, and it only took moments for negative comments to roll in.

In a statement, the military branch explained that Chief of Space Operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond and former Air Force airman James Teachenor began working together to write Semper Supra as soon as President Donald Trump created USSF in December 2019.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a Space Force song that will be part of our culture and heritage for years to come,” Raymond shared. “Our traditions are part of the fabric that weaves us all together as we execute our missions side-by-side; I will be proud to sing Semper Supra alongside my fellow Guardians.”

Teachenor added that the task was a “long work in progress” because he worked hard to fit the USSF “vision” and “capabilities” into the 40-second song. And he noted that once they finished the lyrics and melody, they brought Sean Nelson, a chief musician with the U.S. Coast Guard Band, aboard to add the finishing touches.

“[James] wanted me to help add the harmony and to orchestrate it,” said Nelson. “At first, it started with singing and the piano. I became familiar with the other branches’ songs, but I wanted this one to have its own modern spin to reflect what the Space Force is – modern, new, and very advanced.”

Luckily, all the effort didn’t fall completely flat. There are some people who appreciate the vintage and traditional vibe of Semper Supra. But it may take some time before everyone else comes around to the concept.