US Troops Among Thousands Training in Cold Weather in Norway

by Shelby Scott

Several weeks after the conflict began, Ukraine and Russia war on. Meanwhile, more than 30,000 international troops, hailing from member countries of the National Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), have headed to Norway. There, troops, including some from the US, will participate in the 2022 biannual Cold Response exercise. The collective is intended to demonstrate NATO’s ability to respond to all kinds of threats.

At a Glance:

  • Cold Response 22 consists of land, air, and sea training for international troops.
  • Norway boasts a unique climate, with temperatures varying depending on location.
  • Exercise intended to test cooperation of military forces in harsh environment.

Cold Response 22 Sees Participation of 27 nations

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has implored the U.S. and fellow NATO allies for increased military assistance amid the Russian invasion. However, per Biden’s statement that the U.S. would not become directly involved, American troops, alongside those from 27 other nations, have headed to Norway for a military training exercise.

According to Fox Weather, the exercise, known as Cold Response 22, is intended to shore up NATO military defenses.

The exercise is scheduled to run through April 1st. During which, we’ll see US troops and their allies training on land, sea, and in the air in varying conditions.

The outlet reports weather is dependent upon one’s location in Norway. At more than 1,100 miles in length, the European nation runs from the North Sea to the Arctic Circle. Meteorologists state that weather extremes should remain infrequent during the weeks’ long training exercise. International troops can expect to see only occasional wind, snow, and rain.

As far as temperatures go, those toward the southern coast can expect to see the mid-40s. Those toward northern Norway, however, could see temperatures dropping to 23 or lower.

What is Cold Response 22?

According to NATO‘s website, the Cold Response intends to demonstrate the organization’s ability to uniformly respond to “any threat, from any direction.”

Participating nations include Sweden and Finland. Together with nations across Europe, the exercise will see the participation of 220 aircraft and more than 50 vessels.

In addition to training in less than ideal conditions, NATO intends for the Cold Response exercise to help reinforce the eastern part of the alliance. To reinforce NATO’s eastern region means to better protect against potential outside aggression.

Meanwhile, back in the states, President Biden remains adamant about keeping the US, and NATO as a whole, out of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Though NATO may be readying for any potential aggression amid the Cold Response 22 exercise, Biden said of US troops, “we will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine.”

He added, “A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is WWIII. And something we must strive to prevent.”