US Truckers Organize Convoy Protests Over COVID Vaccines

by Michael Freeman

Weeks ago, Canadian truckers organized a convoy to protest the COVID vaccine mandates the country implemented. Taking inspiration from them, United States truckers are doing the same and have organized their own convoy for the same purpose.

The New York Post reports the Great American Patriot Project (GAPP) started the American Truckers Freedom Fund last Wednesday. The group is urging drivers to join three convoys to Washington, DC, next month. They endeavor to launch the motorcade during the first week of March. One intends to travel from California through the Southwest and Deep South to DC. The other two will originate in Ohio and meet up with the first in the country’s capital.

Erica Knight, a GAPP spokeswoman, talked to Fox News on the truckers’ behalf. “I don’t think that anybody wants to be told what to do,” Knight told the news outlet. “They don’t want to deal with these mandates and it’s kind of a way to stand up for all the American people against it.”

Knight said Canadian truck drivers inspired their American counterparts and will protest vaccine requirements here too. The group is currently raising funds and is trying to avoid using the Political Action Committee (PAC). Doing so avoids the “limitations” of places like GoFundMe which have been blocking attempts to raise money for the convoy and protestors. For example, GoFundMe blocked the release of almost $10 million going toward Canadian protesters claiming it was “the promotion of violence and harassment” in Ottawa.

Facebook pages promoting the trucker convoys similarly disappeared. The social networking site attributes the removals to referencing conspiracy theories and extremist group links.

The GAPP assures people their members are “peaceful, non-violent Americans who are dissatisfied with the unscientific, unconstitutional government overreach in regards to mandates.”

Police Arrested ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters at the United States-Canada Border

Meanwhile, tensions mounted for weeks about the COVID vaccine mandate for truckers in Canada. Recently, police began arresting “Freedom Convoy” protesters along the United States and Canada border.

According to the New York Post, authorities arrested at least a dozen “Freedom Convoy” protesters on Sunday. The arrests came from an effort to reopen the busy US-Canadian border bridge in Windsor, Ambassador Bridge. Though it stayed closed the remainder of the day, doing so helped pave the way to its reopening.

Speaking about the arrests, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens discussed the imminent reopening. “Today, our national economic crisis at the Ambassador bridge came to an end,” he stated days ago. “Border crossings will reopen when it is safe to do so and I defer to police and border agencies to make that determination.”

Additionally, police towed trucker vehicles to help clear the crucial passageway between the United States and Canada. Their efforts paid off, as the Ambassador Bridge reopened on Tuesday.