U.S. Warship Report Being Chased by Two ‘Balls of Light’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo By U.S. Navy/Getty Images)

A U.S. warship crew reported being followed by two unknown “balls of light” last year. The strange incident is one of many that the military has reported in recent months.

At a Glance

  • A US warship reported being tailed by unexplained balls of light in 2021.
  • Crew members were unable to use anti-drone weapons to take down the objects.
  • According to a report by the Pentagon, many military branches have admitted to seeing UFOs during duty.

A US Warship Crew Said UFOs Were Able to Avoid Anti-Drone Weapons

A retired Marine officer who only identified himself as “Mark” contacted filmmaker Dave C. Beaty about the situation.

According to Beaty, the unnerving sighting happened in October of 2021. The luminescent orbs tailed the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge while the crew was on a training exercise off the US’s East Coast. And they stuck around for several nights.

Mark and other witnesses say that the balls stayed around a half a mile from the warship and about 200 feet above the water.

At the time, the Marines and Navy sailors aboard were training for an overseas deployment. And the warship was loaded with technology that could shoot down enemy drones. When a deck watch first noticed the lights, they tried to use that technology to take them down. But he couldn’t get a thermal lock.

Upon first thought, the crew assumed the objects were part of a surprise training exercise to test their ability to use the anti-drop weapons. But after trying all possible countermeasures, the balls were unphased. And in response, they even did swooping maneuvers as they continued to follow the USS Kearsarge.

Once Mark realized that something was off, he radioed command and asked if the UFOs belonged to the U.S. military—but they insisted that the objects were “not ours.”

The Sun reports that crew members recorded the balls of light. But they have yet to release the footage.

Documentarian Hopes to Further Explain the Experience

Dave C. Beaty hopes to dig deeper into the occurrence and release a film that better explains the balls of light. The documentarian has been following these otherwordly stories for years, starting with the US Navy’s encounter with the infamous “Tic Tac” object back in 2004.

He also released deck logs in July of 2019 that confirmed that at least four UFOs approached the USS Kidd in 2019.

In fact, alien-like crafts have become so common that the Pentagon even set up a new office just to report the encounters. And recently, that office released the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena document that admitted to dozens of UFO encounters by military branches.

Beaty gives praise to the Pentagon for finally bringing attention to UFO encounters after years of covering up all incidences. But he hopes that one day, the government will put more effort into understanding the visitors.

“While I commend our DoD and officers for handling the collection of data, at some point we need to focus public attention on the mysterious question of what these objects are, that is the ones that have defied prosaic explanation after investigation.”