Utah Father Dies in Tragic Skiing Accident After Powder from Snow Machine Blocks Vision

by Evan Reier
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Tragic news came out of Brighton, Utah this week as a 55-year-old father of six has passed after a skiing accident.

Per the Daily Mail, Lee Draper was at the Brighton Ski Resort when the tragedy occurred. Draper was an experienced skier, which makes the skiing accident all the more devastating.

According to the report, Draper was on a run down the mountain when he passed a snow machine. The powder flew into his goggles, blinding him. With no vision, the man then crashed into a snowbank.

Lee Draper’s son, Moses, was with him when it happened. The pair were making their way down the Majestic run when the snowblower appeared. While Moses also had his vision blinded, he was able to avoid a crash.

The 18-year-old then found his father after his crash.

“I tried checking for a pulse but my hands were so cold it was kind of hard to feel,” he said. 

The crash caused a serious brain injury which eventually led to his death. According to Lee Draper’s son, he had initially considered backing out of the trip. However, he made a last-second decision to recommit to spend time with his kids.

“He called me at 6:30 and said we are going skiing and I was so excited,” Moses emotionally said.

Children of Lee Draper Remember Him After Skiing Accident

Speaking to ABC 4, Draper’s children offered tributes for their late father, and all of them we’re touchingly glowing.

While 18-year-old son Moses was the one with him during the accident, Draper’s oldest son, Tom, remembered his dad’s passion for the outdoors and being a dad.

“He was the greatest man I knew,” Tom Draper said. “And the world had lost something great by his passing… He would give almost anything for anyone around him and that he would give everything for his family.”

Moses added that his father maintained his good health to go do activities like skiing.

“He told me the reason he stayed fit all his life was so that he could do things with us and be with us and be healthy for us.”

As for Draper’s daughter, Shelby, she said that her dad wouldn’t want his kids to spend too much mourning. Instead, he’d want them living their lives.

“I think that he would hope that we would all wake up in the morning and go fishing or go on an adventure and not let this hold us back,” Shelby Heier said.