Utah Sandstorm Results in 20-Car Pileup Causing 7 Deaths

by Madison Miller

A massive sandstorm in Millard County, Utah, caused major visibility issues on the road. The result was a 20-vehicle collision that also led to seven deaths.

Sandstorm Causes Mayhem

There are also several more people battling critical conditions following the dust storm accident.

“It appears that 20 vehicles were involved in Sunday’s crashes after high winds caused a sand or dust storm and impaired visibility on the roadway. The Utah Highway Patrol summoned troopers from Richfield and Beaver to assist. Multiple ground and air ambulances also responded to transport victims,” the Utah Department of Public Service said in a news release, according to CNN.

It’s unclear just how many people faced injuries from the incident. There are several people in critical condition in hospitals.

Images of the devastating, multi-car crash site flood news sites and social media. Tractor-trailers and other vehicles litter the road. Debris also scatters the area, which has been closed in both directions after the crash.

The crash was caused by an intense period of high winds that reduced visibility quickly and dangerously during the sandstorm.

“We’re stunned and saddened by the horrific accidents in Millard County. We fervently pray for the loved ones of those who perished and for those fighting for their lives,” the Utah Governor Spencer Cox tweeted on Sunday night.

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