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Utah Woman’s Tombstone Boasts Her Fudge Recipe

by Brandi Stillings
Photo by Martin Schutt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Now viral, for a distinctive reason, a Utah woman’s tombstone features her engraved fudge recipe. Along with her husband Wade, Kathryn Andrews was buried at Logan Cemetery in Utah.

Usually, gravestones include a person’s name, birth and death dates, as well as a simple meaningful quote. However, in Kathryn and Wade’s case, theirs were a bit different than the norm.

Her husband Wade’s displays images, including a bomber (representing his military service) and a graduate cap, in honor of his career as a professor. On the other hand, Kathryn’s signature fudge recipe is forever solidified in the back of hers.

According to the Fox News article, Kathryn and Wade were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They met at one of the church’s events in New York City.

After their first date, Wade had to leave for Europe to serve in the military. The couple continued to write letters during World War II. When he completed his military service, Wade came home to Utah. He then proposed to Kathryn, and they tied the knot on December 18, 1944.

According to Fox News, Wade died first, in 2000. At the time, Kathryn, who went by Kay, helped their five children pick the images that would represent Wade on his tombstone. The kids also encouraged Kay to pick something to represent herself.

Then, and there, she decided to have her fudge recipe engraved.

In 2019, at the age of 97. Kay passed away. She knew the recipe on her gravestone would encourage people to smile.

According to KSTU, Kay was well-known for bringing her fudge to social events and keeping candy in her purse for children who might need some encouragement.

“She really loved people,” Kay’s daughter Janice Johnson told KSTU. “She would write poetry, and she would take fudge whenever people got together.”

Late Kathryn Andrews’ Famous Engraved Fudge Recipe

Engraved on her headstone, Kathryn Andrews shares with the public her signature fudge recipe. Now, you can re-create her special chocolate treat at home. According to the trending Instagram pics, the recipe states:

  • Melt two squares of chocolate and two tablespoons of butter on low heat.
  • Then, one cup of milk should be stirred in and the mixture brought to a boil before adding three cups of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of salt.

The final instruction reads: “Pour on marble slab, cool and beat and eat.”