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Van Leeuwen’s Kraft Mac and Cheese Ice Cream Back After Selling Out Within an Hour

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Kraft Mac and Cheese has always been an iconic childhood staple, or lifetime staple really. The bright orange and creamy dish are one of the most popular picks in the mac and cheese aisle.

Somehow then, it makes a lot of sense to mix the popular pasta with a late-night treat like ice cream. This is how a beautiful partnership happened between Kraft and a Brooklyn-based creamery called Van Leeuwen. Now, consumers can go out and buy the absurd, yet equally intriguing, Van Leeuwen’s Kraft Mac & Cheese Ice Cream.

Van Leeuwen Kraft Mac & Cheese Ice Cream

The question remains, is this a culinary success or a publicity stunt gone right?

As it seems, it’s a little bit of both. The ice cream first came out last month. When it became available to buy online, it quickly sold out in just an hour. According to Food & Wine, there were 6,000 pints that were made and quickly snatched up.

The ice cream was so unique and enjoyable that people begged to get their hands on it. Now, you can buy the ice cream yet again starting today, August 31. The ice cream will appear on the Van Leeuwen site at 12 p.m. ET. If you’re interested in buying, try to have your laptop or phone nearby to make the purchase. It’s unclear if the cheesy delicacy will set out quickly again or if there will be more available to buy.

There is reportedly more ice cream made, but the demand may have gone up as well. The ice cream will cost $12 as well as shipping and tax costs, which is not cheap for a pint of the Kraft creation.

Internet Reaction And New Interesting Creation

Despite selling out, people on the internet seem astounded by the popularity of the very dairy product. One person wrote, “Why would anyone want that horrible, unhealthy, artificial food in ice cream?”

Meanwhile, another person casually commented, “Can a meteor hit the earth already?” Other people seem to think it’s an example of people’s willingness to try just about anything.

The Van Leeuwen brand makes more than just mac & cheese-inspired ice cream. The French shop has interesting flavors like a royal wedding cake with elderflower and lemon, brown sugar chunk with cookie dough, brownies, and walnuts, as well as a bourbon cherries jubilee. Not to mention, there are plenty of vegan options for people whose stomachs would not handle the dairy overload that is the Van Leeuwen Kraft creation.

Those who have tried the ice cream have had pretty positive reviews. However, that isn’t the case for some other wild flavor creations out there. Another one that left the internet trembling was the release of a Mountain Dew Hot Cheetos flavor.

Consumers have been left grappling with how a citrusy soda will pair with a cheesy and spicy potato chip flavor. The soda pours an obnoxiously vibrant bright red color. A six-pack of the soda, which could possibly even pair well with the Van Leeuwen ice cream, sells for $12 online.