Veterans and Bikers Lead Funeral Procession for Marine Killed in Afghanistan in Strong Showing of Support

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images)

 On August 20, 13 members of America’s military died at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. A suicide bomber detonated their vest as military members and volunteers helped to evacuate refugees from the country. The blast was the most devastating attack on American service members on foreign soil in over a decade. Among those who lost their lives was Marine Corps Corporal Humberto Sanchez. Thousands came from miles around to join the Marine’s funeral procession back to his hometown of Logansport, Indiana.

Cpl. Sanchez’s remains arrived at Grissom Air Reserve Base north of Indianapolis on Sunday morning. The base is just twenty miles away from Sanchez’s hometown of Logansport, Indiana. Additionally, it was the starting point for the Marine’s funeral procession. ABC 7 Chicago reported that Indiana State Police vehicles carrying Cpl. Sanchez’s family, as well as local law enforcement, headed up the procession. Thousands of motorcycles brought up the tail.

The Marine’s funeral procession paused briefly in downtown Logansport. At that point, the hearse carrying his remains stopped for a moment under a garrison flag whipping in the Indiana wind above the street. In the video below, you can see that thousands of people lined the route to pay their respects to the fallen hero as well as his grieving family.

This funeral procession was the beginning of memorial services for the young Marine. Today, his family held a public viewing at LifeGate Church in Logansport. Tomorrow will lay Cpl. Sanchez to rest in Mount Hope Cemetery in his hometown.

Bikers, Veterans Meet Up to Follow Cpl. Sanchez Home

ABC 57 reported that bikers, veterans, as well as supportive citizens from around the state, met up at a Love’s Truck Stop in Plymouth, Indiana early Sunday morning. Then, they traveled to Grissom Air Reserve Base to fall in at the end of the young Marine’s funeral procession.

Pat Davis is a biker as well as a US Military veteran. About his involvement in the procession, he said, “We hope this brings peace to the family…they just need to know that they’re not alone.”

Logansport Shows Up for Young Marine’s Funeral Procession

Logansport residents lined the streets along the route of the procession in support of the Marine and his grieving family. IndyStar reports that most of those people were near the garrison flag. Many of them brought their own families and their own flags. For those brief moments, the town of Logansport stood as one, in mourning for one of their own.

Jan Landis, a local resident explained why she stood along the procession’s route. “I want to stand up for his mother and his family.” However, she added that the Sanchez family should have never been put in this position.

Another resident praised his fellow Americans gathered to witness the fallen Marine’s funeral procession. Michael Bowditch, who stood alongside his family, said, “This turnout right here today, it’s everything you need to know about the community of Logansport. I’m proud of what I see here.”