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Vice Presidential Debate 2020: Mike Pence Has Fly Land on His Head for Nearly Two Minutes

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

During Thursday night’s first and only Vice Presidential debate, it was a tiny insect that ultimately stole the show.

While Vice President hopefuls Mike Pence and Kamala Harris spoke on the country’s most pressing issues, a buzzing fly has garnered the attention.

With the debate in its closing moments, the flying intruder landed squarely of Pence’s head. The fly remained on the Vice President’s head for an inordinate amount of time.

Social media users estimate the fly stayed on Pence’s head for around two minutes, according to New York Magazine. Pence seemingly did not make much of an effort to swat or “shoo” the fly away. Instead, the fly seemed right at home atop Pence’s noggin.

He was in the process of answering a question on law enforcement when the fly made its landing. The fly did not make its way over to Harris’ side of the stage and it didn’t appear that she made an attempt to inform Pence of the situation.

“To the men and women who serve in law enforcement, I want everyone to know that President Trump and I stand with you,” Pence says as the fly touches down.

Flies are known carriers of contagion, adding an ironic element to the topic of the ongoing pandemic which was prominent during the debate.

Vice Presidential Debate Fly Draws Humorous Response

Naturally, the jokes came pouring in as soon as the debate was over, providing some humor to an intense debate.

“The fly understands the two minutes limit,” one Tweeter jokes.

A mock Twitter page for the fly even popped up overnight, proclaiming to be the “Most Famous Fly.” Its Twitter handle is @MikePenceFly.

“Everyone jealous because I got the best seat for the debate tonight,” the “fly” boasts.

The twitter account pokes fun of the debate and makes light-hearted jokes about current topics, including COVID-19 safety masks.

“If you zoom in closely, you could see I had a special mask made specifically for me,” the fly’s account tweets.