Vicky White 911 Call Released: Audio Captures Former Alabama Prison Guard’s Final Words

by TK Sanders

Police just released disturbing 911 audio from Vicky White’s final moments following a high-speed pursuit with authorities in Indiana. In the audio clip, former prison guard turned criminal, Vicky, apparently says that she and fugitive partner Casey White should “get out and run” after flipping their vehicle. Vicky committed suicide moments later as police surveyed the scene, according to a coroner’s report.

At a glance

  • Newly released audio from inside Vicky White’s Cadillac details the fugitive’s final moments
  • The couple rented out a motel room in Evansville with the help of a homeless man days before
  • A tip from a local resident helped police track down the Cadillac and capture the fugitives

“Airbags are going off! Let’s get out and run!” a woman, who is believed to be Vicky, says as sirens blare. The audio clip was first obtained by NewsNation and reported by the New York Post. Seconds after her panic-stricken plea, Vicky turned a gun on herself as police arrested partner and capital murder suspect Casey. It’s still unclear who called 911 within the White’s vehicle during Vicky’s final moments.

Police claim that Vicky was still alive and breathing while holding the gun to her head when officers initially spotted her.

“She still has the gun in her hands,” one officer is heard saying on separate, newly-released dashcam footage. “Finger’s on the trigger. I’m going to go for the gun first.”

Vicky White’s 911 audio comes nearly two weeks after helping Casey White, a convicted felon, escape from prison

Deputy Marshal Chad Hunt, commander of the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, said Casey quickly surrendered following the pursuit.

“His immediate words to our team was, ‘Please help my wife. She just shot herself in the head,’” Hunt told reporters. Authorities have repeatedly said that no legal evidence of a marriage existed between Vicky and Casey White; though a romantic relationship seems probable at this point given the circumstances.

Evansville police Detective Darren Richardson said he tracked down the fugitives after receiving a tip from a citizen that they were driving a Cadillac. “After I got that information, I started checking around local hotels. Some of the places I thought they might be staying,” Richardson told 44News. “I wasn’t able to locate them at that time.”

Later that day, an incredible 11 days after their escape, Richardson just happened to notice the exact Cadillac from the tip driving around Evansville.

“I happened to look over and I saw a Cadillac that matched the description of what the fugitives had,” Richardson said, adding that he alerted the US Marshals Service. “[The Marshall] asked me if I could get the license plate. So, I turned back around, swung through the parking lot, and got him the license plate for the vehicle,” Richardson said.

“Law enforcement, it’s their job to go out and catch the bad guys. Especially when you got two fugitives on the run for [that] long,” Richardson also said.

Police believe the pair had been found hiding at the Motel 41 in Evansville, where they prepaid for a room for 14 days via the help of a homeless man, Vanderburgh County Sheriff David Wedding said Tuesday. Paul Shah, the motel’s manager, said he felt “shocked and surprised” that the fugitives ended up at his place.