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Vicky White, Former Alabama Officer Who Escaped With Inmate Casey White, Dies of Self-Inflicted Injuries

by Jonathan Howard
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It has now been reported that Vicky White, connected with Casey White who she helped escape jail, has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The news that former jailer had helped the man escape while he was awaiting trial for capital murder came out last week. There was a nationwide manhunt for the two over the last week.

Vicky White Dies After Manhunt

  • Vicky and Casey White were found in Evansville, Indiana after tips from a local to U.S. Marshals
  • There was a car chase that ended in a wreck where Casey surrendered
  • Vicky shot herself after the chase and was taken to a hospital for treatment
  • It has been reported that Vicky is now dead after that gunshot wound

News Nation was on the ground to get all the information. Brian Entin first reported that Vicky White had died.

This entire saga was strange. There were many in the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department that was completely taken aback by the revelation that Vicky had helped Casey escape. Entin and News Nation had been covering the story since it broke and it led them, along with U.S. Marshals, up to Evansville, Indiana.

After a car wash manager towed the truck the two were driving, Casey and Vicky attempted to escape law enforcement. While the two escaped in a car chase with police following, Casey wrecked the vehicle. He was arrested. Meanwhile, Vicky gave herself a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was reported that she had bought an AR-15 and a shotgun prior to fleeing Alabama.

The pair made it more than 200 miles away from their original location in Alabama. Vicky and Casey had devised a plan that coincided with her selling her house, far below market value, to take a large sum of cash along with them. Along with the guns, Vicky bought a 2007 Ford Edge that the two ditched in Tennessee.

After more than a week on the run, Vicky’s former coworkers have had time to think about the incident. It has taken many in the community by surprise and has left much more confused.

Deceased Former Corrections Officer was Up for Major Award

After many years of service to the sheriff’s department, White was coming to an end in her career. In fact, she was a well-respected member of the force and was going to receive a major award this month. She had put a lot of time and effort and work into her job.

With all of the drama that has unfolded, there is a whole community asking questions. Why? How? What for? There might be more revealed in the future. At least Casey was brought back into custody. So, in the coming days, law enforcement in Alabama will have to come together to figure out what to do with Vicky Whites legacy.

While we wait for more information, police will continue to do their work on this case.