Video: Barron Trump Towers Over Everyone as They Stand at RNC

by Hunter Miller

While several of President Donald Trump’s children spoke at the RNC, his youngest son, Barron Trump, stole the spotlight for many without saying a word. After Thursday’s event, social media users pointed out how Barron stands out in the crowd with his tall frame.

During the President’s speech at the White House South Lawn, Barron sat next to Vice President Mike Pence. When those at the event stood to clap, many on social media noticed how Barron stands head and shoulders above most of the audience.

One Twitter user posted a video of Barron with the caption: “I can’t get past the fact that Barron Trump is like 6’6″ at 14 years old,” the user tweeted, “he doesn’t even fit in the picture when he stands up.”

After sharing the clip, more than 1 million users viewed the video. Thousands of viewers posted their reactions. One user in particular identifies with Barron. “It’s awkward, I tell ya,” the user writes. “I was 6’4″ at 12. My boy was 6’7″ at 15. He’ll grow into the size.”

Another user chimed in writing: “Males often have to ‘grow into’ their bodies. And he will likely keep growing for the next 10 years. He will be a very tall man…”

Barron Trump Isn’t the Only Trump to Steal the Spotlight

Barron Trump was one of several members of the Trump family to garner the public’s attention from the RNC. At the event, Barron’s mom, First Lady Melania Trump, wore a bright green dress that sent social media into a frenzy. Learn more here.

Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican Presidential nomination on Thursday night. He delivered a speech lasting longer than 70-minutes in which he talked about the coronavirus pandemic as well as his opponent, Democratic candidate Joe Biden. President Trump also made a handful of major promises in his speech. Check out what the President said at the RNC on Thursday here.