Video: Bubba Wallace Loudly Booed By NASCAR Fans at Bristol Night Race

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace received loud reactions after his introduction at the Bass Pro Shops NRA Bristol Night Race. The overwhelming sound was not cheers of support for the driver, though. In a video posted to Youtube, it is clear the sound filling the track is hundreds booing Wallace.

Bubba Wallace has led to many divisive debates between NASCAR fans, as the driver is outspoken on his political view on social media. Opinions on the driver hit both extremes. Some fans rave about Wallace’s fight for social justice and community outreach, while others strongly disagree with his decision to share opinions online.

Some cheers are audible in the video, but the loud booing by the majority of fans quiets the sounds of support.

Under the Youtube video, NASCAR fans comment on the situation. Many say they agree with the sounds of disapproval that the driver received.

One user commented on the Youtube video of Bubba’s boos, “Nobody wants a Kaepernick in nascar,” referencing another political athlete. Another says Wallace deserves the hate, saying, “He made his bed now he has to lay in it!”

“I was there and the booing was more than Kyle Busch gets,” one user writes. They are referring to the driver that fans love to hate, NASCAR #1 villain, Kyle Busch. Busch always receives loud boos when announced at races. So much so that in May, when Bristol Motor Speedway hosted a race without fans, many wrote articles on how Busch would finally not have to face boos. Busch embraces the boos, though. He told WJHL in anticipation to the fan-absent race, “We’re just trying to keep putting on a show and having the people join in in the safety of their homes on television and once we all get back normal, the fans will be back and they’ll be booing just as loud as normal.”

Bubba Wallace will compete in seven more races this season with Richard Petty Motorsports. He then will be transferring to a new team for the 2021 NASCAR Cup Season.