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Video: Car Plows Into Crowd Of Protestors In Times Square

by Chris Haney
Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

On Thursday evening, a driver plowed his car through a crowd of protestors in Times Square in New York City. Police are still searching for the suspect as of Friday.

Videos of the incident hit social media around 8 p.m. Thursday night. They showed a black sedan go straight through the group of protestors, some with bikes, in a crosswalk in Times Square.

The demonstrators were chanting messages against social injustice as a car horn begins to blare in the background, which is not uncommon in NYC. Afterwards, the sedan comes into frame as the video continues. The car halts in front of two cyclists, but then barrels through as the protestors chase after it.

More Details on the Times Square Hit-and-Run

New York Police Department spokesperson Thomas Antonetti said on Friday morning that the investigation was ongoing.

“It’s unclear at this point who is responsible,” Antonetti said.

In a tweet Thursday, police said the sedan in the incident was not an NYPD vehicle. Some users on social media thought the car resembled an unmarked police car.

Antonetti said in his statement that none of the protestors were injured. However, social media users who posted video from the scene said a few people picked up minor injuries from the car. The NYPD’s Twitter account also asked for anyone injured to come forward and let them know so they could gather more information on the event.

Keith Powers, a New York City council member, represents the district that includes Times Square. He posted on Twitter that his office was also investigating the situation with the car.

“Using a vehicle to hurt peaceful protestors is unacceptable and must be stopped,” Powers wrote in the post.

More Footage of the Hit-and-Run

Multiple people in the area during the incident caught the car crashing through the crowd on video. Many have taken to Twitter to share their angles of the incident and its aftermath with the public.

Other videos show the confusion in the aftermath of the incident. Some protestors can be heard mistaking the black sedan for an undercover cop car.

The collection of videos may help the police gather more information on the incident, and could lead to the unknown suspects arrest.

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