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Video of This Dog’s Reaction to a Lemon Goes Mega Viral, Racks Up More Than 26 Million Views

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

TikToker @allabout branch pulled up with a lemon, and his dog’s reaction to the citrusy fruit is absolutely hilarious. After racking up an impressive 26 million views, the viral clip captures the user’s four-legged snapping in reaction. Check it out.


scared but ✨SPicEy✨ ##fypシ ##puppy ##dogtok

♬ original sound – Spanishchocolate007

If the dog’s aggressive reaction to the bright yellow fruit doesn’t have you cracking up, the videographer’s musical response is sure to leave you in stitches.

The clip shows the TikToker simply holding out a partially peeled lemon to his canine companion. While we weren’t sure what to expect from the brindled pup, it definitely was not this. Almost immediately, the spirited dog, named Branch, jumps and runs in a circle as he snaps at the fruit.

When the video was uploaded last month, the user captioned the post, “Scared but spicey.” In response to the dog’s unexpected reaction, his owner musicalizes with, “OH Jesus, you scared me.” And I don’t know about you, but what I found even funnier was the videographer’s response.

Regardless, I hope this clip brings Outsiders some humor on this Sunday.

Long-Eared Dog Gains International Fame

As Branch the spirited dog became a viral celebrity across TikTok, pups elsewhere are gaining international fame elsewhere.

Earlier this month, one special bloodhound/basset hound mix saw international fame due to her impressively long ears. Measuring 13.38 inches in length on each side, the canine, named Lou, broke the Guinness World Record for longest ears on a dog.

As we might expect from such breeds as both bloodhound and basset hound, Lou sports droopy eyes and long jowls in addition to her ears. Further, the young dog, only three years old at the time of writing, initially became a local celebrity in her hometown, especially at the vet’s office.

While her ears have gained her attention before, a break during the pandemic allowed a vet technician to examine Lou and her ears more closely. That’s when it was suggested her owner, Paige Olsen, enter the sad-eyed dog into the running.

Interestingly enough, despite the length of Lou’s long appendages, they cause her no medical issues. All that’s required is that she makes a monthly vet visit for check-ups.

Border Collies Break for Most Tricks Performed Under a Minute

Outsiders have seen some pretty iconic and talented pups in their time, from lemon-battling brindles to long-eared hounds. However, two border collies worked their fluffy butts off to gain international fame in January. The two intelligent dogs broke the Guinness World Record for the most tricks performed in under one minute.

Like Branch, the dogs, named Wish and Halo, seem incredibly spirited and active. It’s perhaps why they were able to accomplish such an unbelievable feat.

The duo’s incredible achievement encompassed a total of 28 different tricks in one minute. While it’s hard enough to train one obedient dog, Wish and Halo prove lots of practice and patience may result in one stellar canine performance.