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Video: Firefighters Sing Together After A Tiring Day of Battling Wildfires

by Chris Haney
Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

After a 14-hour shift fighting Oregon wildfires, a group of exhausted firefighters were caught on camera singing together as they wind down from a long day. The firefighters are seen sprawled out on the street as the crew sings loudly in an attempt to make the video go viral after a hard day’s work.

The Grizzly Firefighters from The Dalles, Oregon had finished a grueling 14-hour day. The crew was fighting the Lionshead Fire on Monday near the community of Detroit, OR said crew boss Theodore Hiner.

Regardless of the long day, Hiner said on his Facebook account that his crew still made him laugh. Hiner said they worked on “cutting line,” or building a perimeter of mineral soil to deter the wildfires from spreading.

Yet, the crew still had plenty of energy to create a parody of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” But, instead the crew used firefighting terms in place of the original lyrics. For example, a hazel hoe is used to trench and clear an area. And a sawyer is someone who cuts down limbs and trees during wildfires.

As the video begins, Hiner tells his crew,”Okay, you busted your butt. You came up with a song. Alright, let’s see if we can make you go viral. Ready? Go!”

The firefighters belted out their take of the classic 7th inning stretch song, singing:

Take me out to the fire. Take me out to the line. Bring me some sawyers and hazel hoes. I don’t care if I ever get home.

Root, root, root for the red crew. You know we want the most days. For it’s 1, 2, 3 tool types out at the old fire line.

Oregon Firefighters Battle Wildfires Annually

Normally, wildfires ravage around 500,000 acres every year in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown said. However, she said that in just one week “we burned over a million acres of beautiful Oregon.”

Hiner said his 20-person crew has been in the Detroit area for 10 days now. He is from Sweet Home, Oregon, and has been a firefighter since 1996. Hiner said he’s “never missed a season.”

During the time Hilner and his crew have fought the Lionshead Fire, his own family had to evacuate their home.

“Yes, my house was in danger,” Hiner said in between fighting fires. “Thankfully, we made it out OK.”

Hiner’s wife, children and dogs evacuated their home for four days, but thankfully everyone is safe.