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Video: Man Uses Tractor To Vandalize Brewers’ Miller Park

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Newly released video shows a man breaking into the Miller Park this summer in an attempt to write his name in cursive on the field with a tractor, a recording obtained by WISN shows. He caused more than $40,000 in damages to the Milwaukee Brewers’ field.

Police arrested Keyon Lambert and charged him with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct, the news station said.

According to police, the 40-year-old Lambert took it as a sign when he pulled on the Miller Park stadium doors and one opened. Video of the incident shows a man enter the stadium then disappear into a side room. Shortly thereafter he returns riding a tractor onto the field. He raises and lowers the bucket on the green machine, and digs holes in the field.

The man yelled at security officials after making it to the field. The field manager told police he heard the man screaming “Black Lives Matter” among other things, police told the news station.

Security teams said they were afraid to approach the man because he kept reaching into his waistband, as if he had a weapon. Lambert later told police he did this to scare security guards into leaving him alone, the news station said.

Before leaving, the man in the video runs from first base to home plate to third base. Then walks out.

A judge ordered Lambert to undergo a mental evaluation. He pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, the news station said. He is scheduled back at court on Oct. 12.

Twitter enjoys the video

It’s been a strange time for Major League Baseball and their stadiums. As teams play a shortened season in empty stadiums because of COVID-19 precautions. So, video of a fan making his way onto the field only to wreck it with a tractor has Twitter in stitches.