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Video: New Body-Cam Footage, Documents Give More Insight on Breonna Taylor Shooting

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Vice News says it has obtained video footage and documents that show Louisville police officers apparently violating department policies and cast doubt on the integrity of the crime scene and the investigation of the Breonna Taylor shooting. Police shot and killed Taylor in the early morning on March 13 in her apartment. The three police involved in the shooting were not charged. This has led protests across the country.

According to Vice News, the video shows former detective Brett Hankison, who faces criminal charges in the case, walking into the crime scene after the shooting.

Hankison was one of three officers who fired their guns into Taylor’s apartment that night. Louisville police fired him and prosecutors charged him with wanton endangerment, USA Today reported. Investigators said some of his bullets went into an occupied apartment next to Taylor’s, USA Today reported. Hankison pleaded not guilty Monday in the shooting, CBS reported.

In the video, Vice says, Hankison is seen and heard asking about shell casings on the floor in Taylor’s apartment.

“That’s theirs?” he asks.

“That’s ours, it looks like,” someone responds.

His presence at the crime scene could violate Louisville Metro Police policy.

The policy also requires the officers be separated and paired with an escort immediately. Vice says video shows police did not do this. Louisville police said they are conducting an internal investigation, and have declined to comment in the case so far.

Documents in the case also cast doubts on claims made by police and state officials.