Video Shows Target Doors ‘Superglued’ Shut and Commenters Rush To Jokingly Blame Walmart

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

It seems like the competitive nature between Walmart and Target is growing by the day. Or at least viewers on Tik Tok think that’s the case.

Earlier this week, there were quite a few employees at Target who were locked outside of work prior to the start of their shift. At the time, it was clear that none of the workers had any clue as to what was going on. It turns out that someone decided to superglue the doors completely shut. And although the employees didn’t know who would do something so seemingly random, some Tik Tok detectives were the first on the scene.

Tik Tok user @mikaelaaa_j posted a video that showed several of the Target employees standing outside of the store. They all can be seen wearing their Target attire, and they definitely look bored and confused at what was happening. The video has since gotten more than 8 million views, more than 9,000 likes, and nearly 5,000 comments.

“A day in the life of your typical retail employee,” @mikaelaaa_j captioned the video. She goes on to say that the “locksmith finally showed up 20 minutes before the store opened.”

Take a look for yourself down below:



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Tik Tok Users Blame Target Incident on Walmart

Meanwhile, several users on the social media platform chalked up the prank to the doings of a Walmart employee. That theory stemmed from a recent viral video in which a Target employee jokingly took a Walmart shopping cart “hostage.”

“The Walmart and Target beef is escalating,” one user commented.

“100% Walmart after Target held hostage a Walmart cart,” another person said.

“Walmart ain’t playing… return the cart,” commented another viewer.

However, if one viewer was in the shoes of those employees, they said they would have taken off and gone home.

“Can’t believe they waited. It’s a Target policy that after 30 [minutes] you can leave and still get paid. It would happen all the time at my store.”

Speaking of which, the original poster commented later saying that, “We got paid our scheduled shifts y’all… we’re good.”

Another commenter took to the replies section to ask the obvious question. “Don’t y’all have another entrance too?”

It’s a fair question — one would think so. But with huge retail stores like Walmart and Target, other entrances like the loading dock can only be opened from the inside. The reasoning behind that design is to help prevent theft. As for the rest of the doors inside the store, they are fire exits that only open from the inside. So, in this case, yes — the Target workers were completely locked outside with no way to get in.