Video: Ted Nugent Demonstrates How to Best Gut and Clean Your Hunted Deer

by Joe Rutland

Avid hunter Ted Nugent is quite good at making sure any deer he captures is gutted and cleaned properly. It’s one of the many things Nugent takes pride in doing regularly.

He uses a bow and arrow mostly when going out in the field.

On this day, Ted Nugent happened to nab a 10-point buck and bring it back to his home in Texas.

Coincidentally, while gutting and cleaning the buck, Nugent shared some of his tips in this Facebook video.

Use These Tips For Cleaning Your Own Bucks

One tip is to make sure the buck’s testicles are removed before starting any process.

Once you have that done, then you can create a channel

Another one is to create a channel near the buck’s anus by using a knife. In this way, you can take an electric saw, go into the body of the buck, and take out all its insides.

This is done without harming any of the meat inside.

Take out the liver and heart for what Nugent called “sacred nourishment” and put it aside.

Make sure to hose out the carcass once you have finished taking out the innards. Nugent says, “People say, ‘Ooh, I once ate venison and it was gamey.’ No, no. If you didn’t like it, it wasn’t gamey. You ate urine. Somebody didn’t handle their valuable carcass properly.”

Nugent says this step is so important.

Ted Nugent Knows A Lot About Hunting

Because of his hunting experiences, Nugent has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with his followers.

In fact, earlier this year Nugent put down his bow and arrow for some old-fashioned gun action and nailed a buck.

Take a look at the “Motor City Madman” below in action in the wild.

Besides his capture above, Nugent exclaimed “God Bless Texas” while showing off some of his hunting captures in November.

So take the tips from the man who sings “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Wango Tango” and clean up your hunted deer accordingly.