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Video: Woman Smashes Wine Bottles After Being Reminded of Store’s COVID-19 Rules

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Security footage showed a United Kingdom woman smashing bottles of wine in a supermarket. The store had asked that she follow its COVID-19 regulations.

The incident occurred on May 12 during the height of the UK’s pandemic lockdown. Surrey police investigated the store’s reports of criminal damage. The grocery cooperative released the video of the angry customer earlier this week.

The customer refused to follow the store’s COVID-19 regulations.

In the video, the woman threw what appears to be shopping baskets in front of the register. She then moved to the wine section where she started throwing and smashing bottles. She knocked several shelves of wine to the floor. Finally, she returned to the register and hit the glass COVID-19 shielding. She screamed, “I have done nothing wrong.”

One of the store’s employees told Metro the woman became enraged after the store asked her to follow its one-way system. The store had designed the system to promote social distancing.

“She got very angry and started shouting at me and my colleague who were serving customers from behind the protective till screen,” the employee said. The employee said she also threw milk and eggs before leaving.

In a statement, the Surrey police said they arrested the 41-year-old woman and charged her with three conditional cautions for criminal damage and public order. They also arrested a 61-year-old man in connection with the incident.

The store permanently banned both customers from its premises.

In related news, a California customer threatened to stab a KFC employee after he refused to serve her. The woman didn’t adhere to the required mask mandate in the restaurant. The customer grew angry and jumped on the counter. In Ohio, a police officer tased and arrested a woman at a middle school football game for failing to wear a mask. The state required all of its fans to wear face coverings when attending sporting events.

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