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Vintage ‘English Corvette’ Found After 40 Years in Garage, Going Up for Sale with Just 73 Miles on It

by Courtney Blackann
Denver Post via Getty Images)

Every car collector hopes they’ll stumble upon a rare beauty. Something untouched and clean with a good backstory to boot. Vintage sports cars are fascinating pieces of history. All over the world there are clubs, shows, magazines and books about them. More than just a hobby, it’s a great bonding experience fathers and sons pass down.

So when one owner uncovered a rare, “English Corvette” after 40 years, let’s just say it was exciting. It got better when the model only had 73 miles on it.

The car was found in a North London, U.K. garage where it was sitting untouched for decades. Anthony Godin collects classic cars and came across the corvette after the original owner died. According to Godin, the previous owner left it in his garage for around 40 years before his death. So, Godin bought it at an auction and he’s now ready to put it up for sale.

Apparently, the previous owner had another classic car he was driving at the time and never took it out. Thus, it has only 73 miles on its odometer. However, the car is not in mint condition. The engine shows quite a bit of rust and the exterior needs to be restored.

The car is also called an “English Corvette” due to its eight-cylinder motor and two-seat layout combination.

Additionally, Fox News reports that the “V8-powered model has the chassis number of a four-cylinder TR7, but has been authenticated as a “method build” pre-production TR8 by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust.”

The collectible automobile will be put up for auction at the Historics Auctioneers event at Ascot Racecourse on Sept. 25. It’s unclear how much the car will go for given its condition, but one lucky person is gonna have some serious fun cleaning it up.

175 Vintage Cars Unearthed

Speaking of classic car finds, earlier this month 175 classic cars were found at a warehouse in London. Though the cars were largely covered with dust and debris, the find is a huge score.

While details about how long the collection was sitting in the warehouse are vague, experts believe it could have been decades that the vehicles sat there. However, they each have the proper paperwork.

Many of the vintage cars are European. But the collection also included old cars made by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VolkswagenPorsche, Land Rover, and more.

The owner of the collection recently put each car up for sale in an auction. While the bidding is closed, the owner is sorting through offers and deciding which he will accept.

Whoever scores one of these gems will have a great story to tell. They’ll also have plenty of work ahead of them as they restore their new vehicle.