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Hilarious Viral Video Shows Turtle Hitching a Ride on Toy Car

by Outsider
A turtle crosses an empty street.
(Malcolm MacGregor/Getty Images)

Who came first, the tortoise or the hare? We’d have to say this particular turtle, since it gets around pretty quickly. Sure, slow and steady wins the race, but this animal has discovered a veritable life hack and we have to know how it figured such a thing out. You’ve got to see it to believe it, as this viral clip reveals how a certain shelled creature used a car to get around in a much speedier manner.

Twitter user @PhysicsAndAstr1 shared the photo, which shows the little guy scooting around on a glossy floor. It’s going far faster than normal. That’s because it’s sitting on top of a toy car. The clip may only be 13 seconds, but it showcases the turtle zooming toward the camera. The little shelled friend has gotten a well-deserved boost of speed in comparison to how it would normally move.


Since the clip hit Twitter on September 16, it’s amassed quite a few views. People love referencing the tortoise and the hare story, as well as Hot Wheels cars.

Social media response about the adorable turtle

Naturally, people couldn’t get enough of the cuteness. The video attracted several positive comments, most from people trying to puzzle out how the toy car got there in the first place.

The origin of the clip isn’t completely clear at present. It’s not exactly easy to figure out if this was an accident that the animal stumbled into or if an owner cleverly placed the toy there. It doesn’t really matter, since the result is the same. This animal clip will have you splitting your sides all day and night.

Going too slow for your own good? Strap a toy car to your soft underbelly!

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