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Virginia Homeowner Holds Would-Be Burglar at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A would-be burglar in Virginia didn’t expect to be held at gunpoint until police arrived. That’s exactly what happened, though.

Fox News reports that Jonah Smith, 47, entered the home of a Fairfax, V.A. resident early in the morning on Sunday, December 12th. Smith entered the home through a door that hadn’t been secured. Although he was armed with a knife, Smith didn’t use force to enter the house. According to the City of Fairfax police, once he entered the home he refused to leave.

Smith was arrested and charged with burglary with a weapon and attempted malicious wounding. After entering the home he lunged at one of the residents with his knife in hand. In turn, the resident pulled out a firearm and discharged one round into the living room floor. They then held Smith at gunpoint until police arrived to detain him. He was arrested without causing a scene, and best of all, no one was hurt. As of yesterday, Smith is being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center without bond.

It’s currently unknown if Jonah Smith has a prior criminal record.

In South Dakota, a Beer Burglar Strikes At Dawn

We may not know what Jonah Smith was after, but we do know what a 53-year-old in Sioux Falls wanted. In September of this year, a man was charged with burglary after he was found drunk in a closed bar. The man ordered and poured himself a beer after the bar was closed. Police were alerted to the man’s presence when a burglar alarm went off in the bar. He was none the wiser, though, and authorities found him wandering around the bar, drink in hand.

Police are unsure how he got into the bar because there was no sign of forced entry. Regardless of if he walked in, stayed past closing, or teleported, the man’s confusion at the bar being closed didn’t save him from being charged. He was arrested around 5:30 a.m. and booked at the Minnehaha County Jail.

No doubt, the man saved police a headache by being so casual about the whole ordeal, but almost certainly gave himself one during the process. After-hours drinks are probably pretty peaceful. In an ideal situation, the man would be able to enjoy his drink and oncoming headache alone in the bar. Maybe watch the sunrise. Maybe switch to coffee, eventually, anyone? But instead, he’ll find himself waking up in a much noisier and crowded place.

Last calls exist for a reason. No bar has beer good enough to catch a charge for. If anything, it’ll probably be a funny (albeit embarrassing) story for the man for years to come.

Both burglaries, serious and not-so-serious, could be hindered by securing all doors and possible entryways. It seems that burglars are getting bolder by the day, intentional or not.