Vodka Company Launches ‘American Stallion,’ Calls for Rebranding of Moscow Mule

by Michael Freeman

In light of Russia invading Ukraine, stores nationwide are removing Russian vodka from their shelves. One vodka company even launched a new cocktail, “American Stallion” while calling to rebrand Moscow Mule.

Indiana-based vodka company Fuzzy’s Spirits created “American Stallion” to show support for Ukraine and “empower democracy in all countries.” Additionally, it said rebranding the Moscow Mule contributes to the effort as well, the organization told Fox News.

“Fuzzy’s is standing proud in supporting their democratic allies with the launch of the American Stallion, a patriotic cocktail made with Fuzzy’s American Vodka,” Fuzzy’s said in a statement. They also added all proceeds would benefit the American Red Cross. Fuzzy’s COO Paul Massey also told the outlet where the name for the vodka came from. According to him, they wanted an “American democracy spin to it and remove any connotation that has anything to do with Russia.”

Though its exact origins aren’t known, most believe the Moscow Mule originated as a cocktail in New York. Being created in the early 1940s, it debuted shortly after Russian vodka came to the United States.

The news comes right after retailers and bars across the country announced similar initiatives. Many are pulling Russian-made and branded products, primarily vodka, from their shelves. The boycott continues to grow by the day. For instance, companies like Total Wine and More said they completely removed Russian-made products from their shelves.

“Today, this is what you will see in our stores. In support of the Ukrainian people, we have removed all Russian-made products from our shelves,” a recent tweet of theirs reads.

Time will tell if other companies will try to rebrand Moscow Mule as well.

Publix Joins Other Stores and Outlets in Removing Russian Vodka from Shelves

While bars and restaurants are all removing Russian vodka from their menus, many large grocery store chains are taking it off their shelves. On that note, Publix announced it would do it too and is “standing with Ukraine” during the Russian invasion.

The chain’s Director of Communications, Maria Brous, spoke to FOX Business about the decision in an email. “Publix stands with the people of Ukraine,” Brous wrote. “The following Russian-made vodka brands have been removed from our liquor store shelves: Beluga, Ruskova, Russian Standard, and Zyr.”

Brous also mentioned the company’s printed advertisement coming out. Because Publix prints them many weeks in advance, the ads will feature Russian-made vodka. Nonetheless, he said the vodka seen there will not be available to purchase. Further, they will not carry any Russian-made products moving forward.

It’s also worth noting though we commonly associate vodka with Russia, many brands originate elsewhere. For example, Smirnoff, Stoli, Ciroc, and Tito’s are all manufactured in France, Sweden, Latvia, and the United States.