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Waffle House Cook Pummels Unruly Customer in Completely Out-of-Control Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

You never know what you’re going to get when you enter a Waffle House. You could go in and see a handful of people quietly enjoying coffee and breakfast items in the middle of the afternoon. On the other hand, you might walk into an all-out brawl. However, those instances usually only happen after the sun goes down.

That is not to say that it’s a rare occurrence. In fact, the internet is full of videos featuring Waffle House employees and patrons squaring off over Lord only knows what. It almost seems like “Can you fight?” is a question on the chain’s applications. WH employees can usually hold their own against unruly customers.

In this latest instance, the Waffle House on Buford Highway in Atlanta, Georgia went from restaurant to amateur boxing ring in a matter of seconds. The Twitter account, ATL Uncensored posted a video of the fight. You can watch it here. Just know, it contains some strong language and one unruly patron getting smothered and covered with a cook’s big right hand.

Now, it’s hard to say what sparked this powder keg of potato-fueled violence. The guy recording the ordeal is laughing too hard to really make out what is being said. However, the video opens with a male patron sitting at the Waffle House counter. He is surrounded by female patrons who are obviously unhappy with him. One goes so far as to pull out the classic, “Talk to the hand,” gesture, putting her palm in the man’s face. Then, the video cuts. Maybe there was a moment of peace between the cuts. The world may never know. However, when the video comes back, things get truly wild.

Waffle House Cook Gets His Fill, Patron Gets Chunked and Covered with Haymakers

The cook has had enough. He’s just trying to bring delicious Waffle House food to the waiting patrons. However, this unruly patron is making his shift harder than it has to be. As a result, he decides to throw the diner out of the restaurant. We don’t see him ask the man to leave. No. He physically drags the guy off of his stool and attempts to push him out the door.

However, the hungry customer obviously doesn’t want to leave his hash browns and coffee behind. So, he throws a weak right hook at the cook. It looks like that was the invitation the cook was waiting for. He comes alive, throwing a barrage of haymakers into the customer’s head and face. The cook keeps a grip on the man’s shirt with his left hand while raining blows on him. That guy caught more hands than the restaurant has menu options.

The world could learn an important lesson from this video. If you want to act up, don’t go to Waffle House. Their employees can and will throw hands.