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Waffle House’s Fourth of July Take About Breakfast Has the Internet Freaking Out

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Businesses and corporations taking to social media to acknowledge and celebrate a holiday such as the Fourth of July. Sometimes these messages fly under the radar. Other times, like in the case of a post by Waffle House, the internet freaks out.

So, what happened?

Well, early in the morning of Sunday, July 4, the restaurant chain’s Twitter account posted a special holiday message from Waffle House. It said: “Is there anything more American than breakfast at Waffle House on July 4th?”

According to some of the responses to that post – there definitely are more American things to do. Some users even shared things they would rather do than ever eat at Waffle House. Their responses are pretty hilarious. Here are some of them.

“Yes – tea in the Boston Harbor,” user @VivianSavage11 shared.

“Yes, but thanks for asking,” Crawfordlongbo1 said.

Watching a Major League Baseball game is more American, according to @Charles54532084. “Eating a hot dog at a Dodgers/Yankees game,” he said.

Baseball and hot dogs were also mentioned in another post. “Yes…. Baseball, Hotdog, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet….. they literally wrote a song,” @AUtitude said.

“I mean…..considering the Revolution started in Boston and then New York, and there isn’t a single Waffle House in any of the New England states, nor New York state, nor New Jersey….. I’d say yes, there are many things more American than breakfast at Waffle House on July 4th,” @littleamers posted.

Some Fans of the Restaurant Chain Also Responded to Tweet

Not all of the reactions on Twitter to the Fourth of July post by Waffle House were negative or sarcastic. There are fans of the restaurant chain out there. And some of them decided to make their voices heard.

“Our go-to used to be Waffle House after ‘midnight mass/church service’ on Christmas morning! Those poor workers having to work that day, but boy the food was tasty. I miss the old patty melt on RYE bread,” user @germanbini shared.

User @FreedomOne3 said: “There isn’t anything more American than the “All Star Breakfast” at #WaffleHouse!”

Then, there was this epic post by @ob_lora.

Chains Other Than Waffle House Serving Up Something Special for Holiday

Waffle House isn’t the only national chain serving up something special for the Fourth of July.

For example, Kripsy Kreme is offering a very special holiday-themed donut box – the “Star-Spangled Box.” Available in this box are special donut concoctions.

One, named the Patriotic Eagle donut, is made out of Cookies & Kreme. It is this decorated with white, red, and blue icing with blue stripes on top. Also inside the special box is a Strawberry Shortcake donut. This sweet treat comes with strawberry filling, red icing and gold sprinkles.

Two other donuts – the Patriotic Sprinkled Ring and Freedom Ring donuts – are also included. The Freedom Ring donut has a design that looks similar to the flag. The Patriotic Sprinkled Ring donut has icing and is decorated with patriotic decorations.

Other restaurant chains offering Fouth of July specials include Denny’s Applebee’s, and Panera Bread.