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Walmart Black Friday Deals: Check Out This Year’s Must-Have Items

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

While Americans look forward to Thanksgiving each year, many others look forward to the next day’s national “holiday”: Black Friday. Now, Outsiders across the country have headed out for the best Black Friday deals. During which, Walmart is headlining some pretty impressive deals with this year’s must-have items. Read on to see just what special sales the national megastore is promoting.

Special Black Friday deals at Walmart encompass everything from major Apple products, gaming systems, Barbie toys, and more. And for those Outsiders intent on getting their hands on any of these highly desirable items, be sure to head to your local Walmart or Walmart.com, like, now. That is especially as supply chains internationally experience vast shortages.

Regardless, as you begin shopping, take note of major discounts on some typically pricey items.

First off, Walmart has offered sales on the highly desirable PlayStation 5. Typically running for more than a grand, gamers have the opportunity to secure the new system for $499. The same goes for the equally popular Xbox Series X, front lining similar prices.

Simultaneously, Apple lovers have the opportunity to score a major deal on the Series 3 Apple Watch. This particular version of the watch is running, on sale, at only $109.

In a completely different realm, moms and dads dying to get their hands on a robot vacuum have ample opportunity to. Walmart’s Black Friday sales highlight one special deal on a variation of the Shark EZ vacuums. The megastore is advertising sales on Shark’s EZ bagless self-empty vacuum topping out at just $288. As a soon-to-be mom of two, you can bet that particular sale caught my overtired eyeballs.

For folks interested in viewing the rest of Walmart’s Black Friday must-haves, click here.

Big-Name Stores Drastically Alter Black Friday Plans

Over the last couple of years, iconic stores, such as Walmart, have been forced to alter their Black Friday events. Namely, the alterations in schedule came as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to combat large crowds and chaos, many stores have been running Black Friday deals throughout the entire month.

In a way, it has enabled Outsiders across the country access to discounted holiday gifts for an extended amount of time. The decision has provided consumers the opportunity to shop ahead of time and without the chaos and panic that comes during the annual Black Friday date.

Further, this Thanksgiving holiday saw iconic brands, including even Walmart, closing their doors for the length of the day. Alongside Walmart, popular names that closed for the holiday included Target, Bath & Body Works, Home Depot, Kohl’s, and so many more.

As for Walmart, however, the complete closure of the megastores across America during Thanksgiving came as a way for the company to thank its associates who’ve increased their retail efforts throughout the pandemic. However, hopefully, as the pandemic comes to an end and we eventually see the end of staff shortages, we can only hope retail associates are able to remain home on the holidays for the long run.