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Walmart Halting Tobacco Sales in Some U.S. Stores

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Some Walmart stores in the United States are going to stop selling tobacco. It is another way for stores to adjust to markets. This will take place in some of the more than 5,000 Walmart stores across the United States. This announcement came down from the company on Monday. Walmart did not disclose how many stores would be affected by the move but said it would not be exiting the category or products entirely.

What To Know

  • Walmart is removing tobacco products from some stores.
  • This effort will affect locations in California, Florida, and New Mexico.
  • Walmart stores stopped selling e-cigarettes a few years ago.

Walmart Taking Out Tobacco Products From Some Stores

Now, the markets in which cigarettes are being removed from stores include California, Florida, and New Mexico. That is according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. We have more about this from Reuters.

What Walmart has done is roll out a design with more self-checkout registers. Also, there is more grab-and-go food or candy near the front of the stores. They are being put there in place of tobacco products from companies like Marlboro, Newport, and others. This also is according to the Wall Street Journal.

Back in 2014, CVS was the first U.S. drugstore chain to pull tobacco cigarettes off of shelves. Walmart stopped sales of e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery products at its U.S. stores sometime later. It was because of growing regulatory complexity and uncertainty. There have been some Democratic U.S. senators who urge Walmart and several other retailers to stop selling all tobacco products.

Company Talked About Having Numerous Products on Rollback Status

Now, let’s turn the clock back to February. According to CNN, Walmart had more products on rollbacks last quarter compared to the previous quarter. Why was this done? It wants to add rollbacks to highlight “value prices” for its customers and employees.

Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillion said in a post-earnings conference call with analysts that there were more details about the decision. “We use rollbacks to communicate not only the reality of prices are coming down at some places, but the emotion or perception we want customers to have about us,” he said.

CNN also said that Walmart uses the strategy called everyday low prices, or EDLP.  “EDLP is our pricing philosophy,” according to a company statement. “So our customers trust that our prices will not change under frequent promotional activity.” The store based out of Bentonville, Ark., continues to make a dent in the different ways Americans shop. It has done so for many years. With these moves in the present and future ones, it appears that there is no stopping the retailer in its plans.