HomeNewsWalmart, Lowes, Others Offering Christmas Tree Home-Delivery this 2020 Holiday Season

Walmart, Lowes, Others Offering Christmas Tree Home-Delivery this 2020 Holiday Season

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Walmart announced this week that it would begin delivering live Christmas trees and other items holiday season. The retail giant joins other major companies such as Home Depot and Lowe’s offering to deliver some holiday cheer.

“This year, Walmart is making it even easier for our customers to bring these hallowed holiday traditions into their homes – without ever having to leave,” a Walmart blog post explained

“We understand the holiday season could look different this year. It may include staying home more than usual or never having to leave your neighborhood to see lit-up homes.”

Customers will be able to order trees in a variety of sizes — from 3-feet to 9-feet tall.

Walmart Partners With Handy to Hang Your Lights Too

If you want to avoid untangling the lights this year, stores are offering to hang those as well. It will cost you, though.

Walmart has partnered with Handy to hang your Christmas lights, and the price will range from $129 to decorate a single-story home and $199 for a two-story home. Taking the lights down will run $99 for a single-story home and $159 for two-stories, USA Today said. You’ll have to supply the lights and accessories needed for hanging, USA Today reported.

Home Depot is also offering to put up Christmas lights at costs ranging from $100 to $300. The price can go as much as $1,000 for bigger homes and more elaborate displays.

Retailers are hoping delivery services like this will help stabilize what looks like a shaky winter for many stores. With the pandemic still raging and the CDC suggesting families not travel this year, economists predict people may spend more money on gifts, QZ reported. This is expected especially because many entertainment budgets have also been slashed as there are few entertainment options even open at the moment.

Many major chains are hoping they can reach customers who may plan to stay home by offering to bring Christmas to them. Online shopping will likely rise this year, Forbes said, so finding customers at home will be vital for stores that wish to compete going forward.