Walmart Program Aims to Help Veterans and Their Spouses Going From Military to Civilian Life

by Taylor Cunningham

Walmart has unveiled a new initiative to help soldiers and their spouses transition to civilian life. The free program called Find-a-future helps service members figure out what they want to do after they leave the military and teaches them how they can do it.

This is how the service works. First, each person will meet with a career coach. The coach will discuss each vet’s goals and assess their skills and experience. And then, they will decide on the best path for each candidate, which can be an employment, education, or entrepreneur track.

If a soldier sets out on an employment track, Find-a-future will help them land a job. And the positions are not limited to Walmart either. Candidates will have career counseling and assistance resources at their fingertips. And Walmart specifically gives ex-service members the option of working with the company while getting an education through Live Better U.

If someone chooses the education track, not only can they take classes through Live Better U, they can also complete outside fellowships and internships. Once they complete all of their coursework, they can interview with Walmart or other program partners. And the types of positions soldiers are eligible for are endless.

And finally, the entrepreneurship track teaches service members how to start their own businesses. People going through the program will have the chance to shadow other veteran business owners and go through special training courses. Then, Walmart will offer everyone a chance to sell their products in its stores.

Walmart to Hire Massive Amount of Workers and Offer Raises Nationwide

Walmart is also helping out local communities by offering thousands of jobs and giving raises this holiday season. And unlike previous years, the positions won’t be seasonal. Each new hire will be a permanent employee.

“As our business continues evolving to meet the needs of today’s customers, having a robust supply chain is more important than ever. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our team is growing,” Walmart wrote on September 1st.

According to Today, the company is planning to hire at least 20,000 employees within the next few months, and their starting wages will be raised. Walmart will offer both full and part-time positions. Jobs will be available within the brick-and-mortar stores and at fulfillment centers nationwide. 

Walmart will pay an average of $20 an hour to their new employees. Interested candidates can apply online or head to one of the company’s hiring events on September 8th and 9th.