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Walmart Will Be Launching Driverless Car Delivery This Year, Using Ford Vehicles

by Taylor Cunningham
(Staff photo by Ben McCanna/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Driverless cars are slowly starting to become a trend on US highways. Companies like Google and Tesla paved the road for other more standard manufacturers to create their own versions of autonomous vehicles. And now, major corporations are signing on to use autonomous technology for local deliveries. On Wednesday, Walmart announced that it’s partnering with Ford and Argo to bring self-driving delivery vehicles to Austin, Texas; Miami, Florida; and Washington, DC.

“Our focus on the testing and development of self-driving technology that operates in urban areas where customer demand is high really comes to life with this collaboration,” said Bryan Salesky, founder, and CEO of Argo AI. “Working together with Walmart and Ford across three markets, we’re showing the potential for autonomous vehicle delivery services at scale.”

Scott Griffith of Ford Motor Company noted that the new partnership will ultimately lead to better service, stronger companies, and happier customers.

“Pairing Walmart’s retail and e-commerce leadership with Argo and Ford’s self-driving operations across these multiple cities marks a significant step toward scaling a commercial goods delivery service that will ultimately power first-to-scale business efficiencies and enable a great consumer experience.”

Ford also said that it is working “aggressively” with Argo to quickly bring their vehicles to more major cities after their initial rollout.

Argo and Ford began testing their cars in 2018. The autonomous delivery service should be available later this year.

Walmart Will Soon Be Paying 100% of College Costs For Employees

Walmart is pledging $1 billion in tuition assistance for its staff. In an attempt to bring more employees to stores and distribution centers, the retailer will soon cover 100% of college costs for its workforce.

“Employers need people who have the education and skills to thrive,” Said CEO John Gomperts of America’s Promise Alliance. “That’s why Walmart’s investment in developing the education and workplace skills of its employees is so significant.”

Walmart’s program, Live Better U, started with a dollar-a-day contribution from interested employees. So, students only needed to invest $365 a year for a college degree. But the retailer will no longer require its staff to invest any money into their education.

Walmart’s program won’t stop with tuition and books either. The company will also offer free ACT and SAT preparation and up to seven hours of on-the-job college credits. And upon finishing a degree, each employee can qualify for graduation bonuses. Also, Walmart wants to make sure everyone has time to focus on their studies. So flexible scheduling options, such as same-day work and shifts for up to 13 weeks, are in the works.