Washington High School Calls Off 9/11 Football Tribute: Here’s Why

by Clayton Edwards

Saturday marked the twentieth anniversary of the greatest tragedy to ever take place on American soil. It was an emotionally heavy day for many citizens across the nation. As a result, communities and organizations all over the country organized events to pay tribute to the fallen. One high school in Washington state wanted to pay tribute to those who died on 9/11 at a football game. However, the school decided to pull the plug on the tribute before it could take place.

According to Fox News, students at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington were set to remember those who died on September 11, 2001. These young men and women weren’t even alive when the attacks took place. However, they are still keeping the memory of those 2,977 fallen alive. The students planned to wear red, white, and blue at a football game to pay tribute to those we lost on 9/11. However, the school decided that the Patriots Day theme could, “unintentionally cause offense to some who see it differently.”

Sammamish-area radio host Jason Rantz reported that the 9/11 tribute was planned for a football game on Friday. 9/10. However, students learned that it would not happen on Friday during the school’s morning announcements.

Parents forwarded their email correspondences with the school’s principal to Rantz. In one email, Principal Chris Bede admitted that he had only been “looped into,” the decision after it had already been made. He added that while the 9/11 tribute at the football game had officially been canceled, the school couldn’t stop kids from wearing red, white, and blue.

Is a 9/11 Tribute at a Football Game Really So Bad?

It’s important to remember who and what we lost on September 11. However, let’s take a moment to look back to the days following the attacks. A feeling of unity blanketed our country. We were heartbroken, terrified, and furious, but we stood as one. For a while, we forgot about what divided us and remembered that we’re all Americans. Left, right, or center didn’t much matter. Community, family, and country took priority.

We need to find a way to get back to that. When remembering those who died in a horrible attack on this nation can be deemed offensive, we’ve strayed too far from the path. Now, before you start thinking, “Well it wouldn’t be this way if they…,” stop. “They,” are your neighbors, family members, and co-workers. More importantly, they’re your fellow Americans.

Join us, here at Outsider, as we work our way back to a place where we can all belong. It may seem like a long walk back to the common ground, but it’s a walk worth taking. At the end of the day, we all stand under the ever-waving banner of Old Glory. Let’s let those bold stripes and bright stars be our guiding light out of the darkness.